Fluid Farms

The Bangor Daily News has published an article and video interview with the founders of Fluid Farms.

The nascent two-man company has in two summers outgrown a 500-square-foot greenhouse attached to the craft-brewing Urban Farm Fermentory in Portland’s Bayside neighborhood, which co-founder and fisheries biologist Tyler Gaudet called a “backyard-scale” operation. Now, Fluid Farms is beginning to clear a site in North Yarmouth for a 25,000-square-foot version, a building they believe will be Maine’s first commercial-scale aquaponics facility.

Fluid Farms is running a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new aquaponics greenhouse.

This Week’s Events: Blind Tasting, Phoenix Readership Poll, Vegan Lecture, Lobsterman Lecture

Monday — a group of wine professionals and serious wine enthusiasts are organizing a blind tasting.

Wednesday — the winners of the Phoenix’s Best of Portland readership poll will be announced a Port City Music Hall.

Thursdaywine tastings are taking place at Rosemont, RSVP, and the Public Market House, Great Lost Bear is showcasing Black Bear Microbrew, Easter Seal’s Toast of the Coast fundraiser is being held at the Ocean Gateway Terminal, Dave Conrardy will speak about “healing powers of raw vegan living” at Roost, Curt Brown, Lobsterman and Research Technician, will be giving a lecture at GMRI.

Saturday — the Winter Farmers Market is taking place.

Sunday — Petite Jacqueline is screening the movie How to Steal a Million for movie night.

Brewing for a Cause — Sebago is offering the opportunity for you to become a brewer for a day. Proceeds will benefit the Sebago Trek Across Maine Team.

Otto Fundraiser Series — Otto is running a weekly fundraiser series where a portion of the night’s proceeds will be donated to the selected non-profit for the week. The April 16 event will benefit the Portland Ballet. See their website for a full calendar.

For more information on these and other upcoming food happenings in the area, visit the event calendar.

If you are holding a food event this week that’s not listed above, publicize it by adding it as a comment to this post.

Burger Franchise Moving Into Old Port

According to an article in the Press Herald, the b.good burger franchise is moving into the old Walter’s space at 15 Exchange Street,

The new restaurant, located at 15 Exchange St., is expected to open in June and will serve fast food-style burgers and fries made with local ingredients – or, as the chain’s motto puts it, “food made by people, not factories.”

Local Brew TV

Local Brew is a web-based TV show hosted by Matt Delamater. According to the show’s site:

Each episode features a different brewery where we learn the story behind the brew. Matt takes us behind the scenes to discover who the brewers are, how their beer is made, and what drives them to create some of the best beer in the country!

Episode 1 is a trip to Baxter Brewing in Lewiston, and episode 2 features Maine Brewing Company and includes a trip on the Brew Bus and a visit to Novare Res.

Erika Joyce on Research Tour

Erika Joyce, author of Vin et Grub, and the creator of Cloak & Dagger supper club and The Chinese Laundry pop-up, has announced that she’ll be leaving Portland for an extended research trip in Europe and Asia.

And now, it’s all changing.  The next step in my journey is to find the roots of my obsession.  To understand it and live it.  That’s why I’m moving on.  I’m hoping on a flight and making my way to Europe to see how and where food is produced.  I’m going to farm and pickle, and jam, and stage, and find the roots to make this picture slightly more vivid.  Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Italy, France.  And an extended stay in Vietnam.  I need to see my passion elsewhere in the world.

She’ll be running just one more Cloak & Dagger dinner and should have an update on the status of The Chinese Laundry “soon”.