Erika Joyce on Research Tour

Erika Joyce, author of Vin et Grub, and the creator of Cloak & Dagger supper club and The Chinese Laundry pop-up, has announced that she’ll be leaving Portland for an extended research trip in Europe and Asia.

And now, it’s all changing.  The next step in my journey is to find the roots of my obsession.  To understand it and live it.  That’s why I’m moving on.  I’m hoping on a flight and making my way to Europe to see how and where food is produced.  I’m going to farm and pickle, and jam, and stage, and find the roots to make this picture slightly more vivid.  Sweden, Greece, Denmark, Italy, France.  And an extended stay in Vietnam.  I need to see my passion elsewhere in the world.

She’ll be running just one more Cloak & Dagger dinner and should have an update on the status of The Chinese Laundry “soon”.

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