Fajita Grill

New2Maine.com has reviewed Fajita Grill.

The meals were fine, but did not really stand out for either of us. The tequila overload probably didn’t help that any. I finished my meal and was comfortably full; Amber had to take home about half of hers. Surprisingly, she still had room for dessert, so an order of sopapillas … and concluded that it, like the rest of the food, was adequate but unremarkable.


Cornucopasetic has reviewed Asmara.

There aren’t that many places in Portland where one may find an entirely whole food vegetarian meal, but Asmara is certainly one of them. I knew about this place a few years ago, but never found the time to go. What a mistake.

Loco Pollo

Loco PolloThe Portland Phoenix has reviewed Loco Pollo.

Loco Pollo gets the tamale right in many ways. They respect tradition without becoming mired in it. They use enough lard to impart some richness without making the dough heavy. They steam them long enough to keep them moist but not wet. They use several wrappings, cornhusk in the Mexican style and banana leaf like the Central Americans, which impart different subtle flavors to the meal. And they fill them with meats, cheeses, and chilis fresh and ample enough that the soggy aroma fills your head.

Brunch at Local 188

New2Maine.com has reviewed the brunch at Local 188.

The check took a while coming, but it was nice to not feel hurried toward the door so that the next party could take our table. Overall we were pleased with, but not blown away by, our visit. We’d go again (I’ve heard the dinner is great), but probably not for brunch if we had lots to do in the afternoon.