Accidental Vegetables has reviewed the lunchtime pasta options at Paciarino.

“We chose to share maccheroni al pesto and ravioli with goat cheese in a simple tomato sauce. Each was about 8 dollars. The pasta was delicious, with that combination of softness and toothness you only find in homemade pasta, cooked perfectly. The sauces were also beautiful.”

Loco Pollo Tamales

Cornucopasetic has reviewed the tamales at Loco Pollo.

“But, alas, the tamales. They seemed a bit small, although that is offset by the fact that they are affordable (3 tamales is $6.00). My tamale was a bit dry and also a bit broken up. The filling wasn’t an explosion of rich mexican spices, it was more of whimper…I sort of think my experience may have been a fluke…A second visit is in order, but for now: merely okay.”

Loco Pollo

The Portland Press Herald has reviewed Loco Pollo.

“Yes, the tamales are good at Loco Pollo, a new Mexican restaurant on Washington Avenue. But don’t leave without trying one of the stews. The pozole, a traditional pork and hominy stew served with tostadas for dipping, was almost an afterthought on my first visit to Loco Pollo. But it was so good, I promised myself I’d go back just for another bowl of this heavenly dish.”

The Frosty Pint

1:00 a.m. Curfew has reviewed The Frosty Pint, a sports bar on Forest Ave.

“The Frosty Pint has a real homey feel. Maybe it’s the big bar that wraps around with seating for near 20 people. Maybe it’s the warm, orange walls. Maybe it’s the collection of regulars. Whatever it is, you can cozy up at the bar, play pool, foosball or darts, dance or watch the game.”


The Portland Phoenix has reviewed Punky’s.

But I consider myself somewhat of an eggplant parmesan connoisseur, at least among the local places, so Punky’s version is the first sandwich I try. The eggplant is crispy and amply salted, avoiding two frequent mistakes that leave the regal eggplant tasting more like bitter shoe rubber. Two thoughtful additions, sautûed green peppers and a controlled hand with the sauce, move Punky’s parm to the top of the heap.

Ricetta's Pizzeria

Type A Diversions has reviewed Ricetta’s Pizzeria.

“Ricetta’s is not fine dining. The glasses and plates are plastic, patrons are asked to re-use their silverware, and the decor is rather basic – industrial carpet and wooden booths, tables and chairs. But if you’re seeking consistently well-prepared pizza and reasonable prices, Ricetta’s is worth a visit.”

Photo Credit: Type A Diversions

January Bollard

The new issue of The Bollard includes a another installment in the Land of Forgotten Cocktails series by mixologist John Myers, a few more details about the new restaurant that Binga’s hopes to open on Washington Avenue, as well as a review of the caprine cuisine at Federal Spice and Hamdi Restaurant and Grocery. The goat dish at Federal Spice is one of the Jamaican items on the menu added by owner Eric Martin.

“The Curried Goat Platter at Federal Spice in downtown Portland is a pile of braised goat chunks served beside a pile of rice and peas…the curried goat at Federal Spice is the real deal.”

“Gastronomically, the goat plate at Hamdi is remarkably similar to the one served at Federal Spice: a big plate of flavorful meat falling off the bones, and a mound of tasty yellow rice. “