Blueberry Files/Bresca

A new food blog, The Blueberry Files, has published a review of Bresca.

I had a great time, and really liked the attention to detail… like the fois gras slices on parmesan crips that came out at the beginning of our meal from the chef (who is a woman, hell yeah!). And I love going to a place where the menu catches me slightly off guard by using ingredients I’ve either never had or never heard of.

The Wine Bar

1:00 a.m. Curfew has reviewed The Wine Bar.

I planned to spend a good twenty minutes digging into the wine menu. Instead I found a dry-erase board with the night’s varieties – just six whites and five reds! There were eleven choices if you don’t count the five port and dessert wines listed on the menu. I have to admit I was disappointed.

Five Fifty-Five

Type A Diversions has reviewed Five Fifty-Five.

Five Fifty-Five is casually elegant; the cuisine is creative, yet not over-the-top; portions are generous without being overwhelming. It’s the one of the restaurants I always take foodies visiting from out-of-town, the respite I seek after a long week at work, and is on the short list of spots I go when celebrating a special occasion.

Fore Street

The Portsmouth Herald has reviewed Fore Street.

The restaurant isn’t fussy either. When you think accolades from big shot organizations and magazines you needn’t think pretentious or fancy when it comes to Fore Street — it’s warm, welcoming, entertaining, relaxed and above all, delicious.

Joe's New York Pizza

The Portland Press Herald has reviewed Joe’s New York Pizza.

The first piece I sampled was chicken-tomato-basil, with chunks of chicken and tomato and very flavorful basil. The cheese was just right, and wasn’t rubbery the way some re-heated slices get. I also tried a white spinach pie, with globs of ricotta and mozzarella cheese, fresh garlic and spinach. You could really taste the garlic, which I loved.

Borealis Breads Bakery & Bistro

borealis-breads-portland-maine-signType A Diversions has reviewed lunch at Borealis Breads Bakery & Bistro.

Though the Borealis Bakery & Bistro serves breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, soups, cheese plates and desserts, the only reason I would stop in again would be for a loaf of bread. If you’re in the area and looking for a breakfast or lunch spot, you’ll find far better fare a half a mile down the road at Big Sky.

Photo Credit: Type A Diversions


Where is Jenner’s Mind has reviewed Duckfat.

they have a nice selection of panini, salads, and soups and today seth and i both went for panini. i had the tuna melt with provolone, capers, tomato, and cornichons. seth was a little skeptical at my selection but was pleasantly surprised to taste the deliciousness. this was no ordinary chicken-of-the-sea tuna melt… it was salty and crispy and perfectly filling.

Olive Cafe

The Portland Phoenix has reviewed the Olive Cafe.

the breakfast menu is pretty straightforwardly American — the aforementioned egg sandwich, pancakes, French toast, eggs. But the “egg sandwich wrap” mentioned olive oil and pita bread, which was good enough for me. It was quite good, actually. It has no salty meat, just eggs, sautéed onion, tomato, and freshly chopped oregano.

Happy Teriyaki

Happy Teriyaki received 3½ stars from this week’s Taste & Tell column in today’s Maine Sunday Telegram.

“But best of all was the bowl of soft tofu and seafood Korean stew ($13.95). On top of its ingredients an egg slowly cooked, remaining tender, its yolk semiliquid, a few minutes after being placed on the table. Three tender shrimp, three oysters and three clams cooked in their shells filled the bowl next to the tofu.”