Hot Suppa! has reviewed Hot Suppa!

The waitress was cheery and attentive . . . The check was a touch high for a regular lunch spot (~$24, including a soda and a hot chocolate and tax, but not the tip), but I would not be surprised if Amber and I end up there a couple or three times a month.


Toast at ArabicaThe Portland Phoenix has reviewed Arabica.

“Coffee preferences are profoundly idiosyncratic, but I find their dark roast a bit light and a hair under-brewed. It’s more nutty and smooth than rich and full. The espresso drinks, where technique is more important, are consistently excellent in the hands of the experienced staff.”

Best New Restaurant of 2008

This week’s Portland Phoenix takes a look at the impact of tourists on Portland restaurants and names Emilitsa the Best New Restaurant of 2008.

“While Greek cuisine is not exotic, Emilitsa shows the kind of deep loyalty to the clarity of a certain set of flavors and ingredients — in their case primarily lemon, olive, lamb, and yogurt — that more often emerges in larger cities that can cultivate the novel without external assistance.”


The Maine Switch has reviewed Burrito.

“When the temperature nosedives and the snow starts to fall, it’s convenient to have a way to escape the weather. One of my favorite getaways is ¡Burrito! in Westbrook, where the laid-back atmosphere and Latin-influenced fare make it feel like a South-of-the-Border vacation.”