Under Construction: The Honey Paw

The liquor license application for The Honey Paw(instagram, twitter) is on the agenda for the Monday’s City Council meeting. Owners Arlin Smith, Mike Wiley and Andrew Taylor plan to serve a menu of “noodles and pastas from around the globe in a casual and comfortable environment”. Sadly, no draft menu is part of the application materials.

The 36-seat restaurant is under construction at 78 Middle Street immediately adjacent to Eventide with which Honey Paw shares kitchen space. Smith, Taylor and Wiley plan to open The Honey Paw this month serving meals 7 days a week, 11 am to close.


Portland Bar Lore

Chris Busby’s article in the April issue of The Bollard shares some interesting stories from Portland’s past.

Since it was late in the war, with the outcome in Europe already decided, our government had no use for the services of the sub’s crew. They were given the option of being returned to Italy or remaining in this country…one of them was a man with the surname Ricci.

With the money allotted to him, Mr. Ricci opened an eatery on Portland Street and named it Ricci’s Tavern. Ownership passed from one individual to another over the years, and the name was eventually Americanized to Rickey’s Tavern — the addition of “Rockin’” being the latest twist.

Wired: Wild-Fermented Beers

Allagash features prominently in an article in Wired magazine about wild-fermented sour beers.

A few miles north of Portland, Maine, inside Allagash Brewing Company’s gleaming fluorescent-lit beer factory, a heavy door leads into a climate-controlled room lined with barrels full of aging beer. Past those barrels, behind a second, smaller door, is one of craft brewing’s most sacred spaces. In here, the thrumming industrial drone of bottling lines and keg washers fades away. Wooden casks stand silent sentry. Dust hangs heavy. Cobwebs lilt. The owner of Allagash, Rob Tod, sets a small green bottle of beer on an upturned cask. Its contents were aged in this very room. He pops the cork and pours a fragrant, foamy measure into a yellow plastic KOA coffee mug.

Review of Big Sky

The Press Herald has reviewed Big Sky.

The egg salad has just the right balance of tarragon, enough to scent it but not overwhelm. Big Sky doesn’t go overboard on the mayonnaise either, so what you get is the sense of say, a good deviled egg stuffed into a sandwich instead of yellow mayonnaisey glop. It comes on wheat bread unless you ask otherwise, with lettuce and tomato (not too bad for out of season) and sprouts. If you like egg salad – it’s one of those foods people run very hot or cold on – Big Sky’s is delicious.

Best American Food Cities

Portland tops the Daily Meal list of Best American Cities for Food.

If Portland (the other Portland) doesn’t immediately make you think of food, you might need to rethink your assumptions. Recently included on Condé Nast Traveler’s list of Best American Cities for Foodies, Portland has come a long way from the lobster roll (though you can still find those, too). The city is currently offering up some of the country’s best and most innovative seafood.

Deering Oaks Cafe

The Press Herald reports that the small “castle” in Deering Oaks may be bid out as restaurant space.

“Our goal is something that is really user-friendly (for) a wide demographic, and all-American (so) everyone can relate to it,” [Cheryl] Lewis said. “We originally thought about crepes, but in the end, it’s really got to be something everyone is familiar with.”

Though the space is small, Lewis is excited about the potential for both indoor and outdoor seating, including a beer garden that would have a couple tap beers and wine, as well as nonalcoholic beverages such as root beer and smoothies.