Deering Oaks Cafe

The Press Herald reports that the small “castle” in Deering Oaks may be bid out as restaurant space.

“Our goal is something that is really user-friendly (for) a wide demographic, and all-American (so) everyone can relate to it,” [Cheryl] Lewis said. “We originally thought about crepes, but in the end, it’s really got to be something everyone is familiar with.”

Though the space is small, Lewis is excited about the potential for both indoor and outdoor seating, including a beer garden that would have a couple tap beers and wine, as well as nonalcoholic beverages such as root beer and smoothies.

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  1. Fond memories of drinking Allagash White and eating pasta with Mrs. Delicioso at the Barking Squirrel almost 20 years ago. The place is pure magic and glad it will rise again. Al fresco tables in the summer and a fireplace in the winter. Love it!

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