Review of Blue Rooster Stadler Dog

Chubby Werewolf has published a review of the Cara Stadler hot dog on the menu this week at Blue Rooster. This is the first of a summer long guest chef hot dog series at the Rooster.

The generous helping of fresh cilantro and the cool mayo atop the dog worked to balance out any heat coming from the ssam sauce (which was on the bun itself). Meanwhile, the kimchi was pleasant and much more mild than I anticipated. I really didn’t sense that the scallions had much of a presence on this hot dog, but I didn’t miss it in the company of the other ingredients. The best part was my second bite, when I got the first taste of bacon in tandem with that kimchi.

USA Today: Portland Lobster Co.

USA Today has published an article about the Portland Lobster Company.

The restaurant sits at the foot of a pier in the heart of the harbor that in turn is the heart of Portland and the center of its downtown – in short, it could not have a better location for visitors. Facing the street it looks like a fairly simple shack-like building, which it is, but behind the main structure it continues down the pier with ample seating at traditional red wooden picnic tables, both covered and open-air, and an outdoor bar featuring an array of local Maine microbrews. Inside you order at the counter and wait for your name to be called, picking your food up at a window on plastic trays.

Alton Brown Coming to Portland

altonbrownFood TV star Alton Brown will be coming to Portland this November for an engagement at Merrill Auditorium.

Alton Brown reinvented the food show with his award winning Good Eats. With his upcoming tour, Brown brings his brand of quirky humor and culinary-science antics to the stage. The two-hour show is a unique blend of stand up comedy, food experimentation, talk show antics, multimedia lecture, and, for the first time…live music.

Tickets are now on sale at PortTix.

Immigrant Kitchens: Indian Toor Dal

In the latest entry from Immigrant Kitchens, Lindsay Sterling learns how to make Indian Toor Dal from Shweta Galway (read the story, get the recipe).

I’d tasted dals from time to time in Indian restaurants and liked them, but never had the occasion to cook one. I guess I was intimidated. What were dals even made of? And how many kinds were there? It seemed like dozens,maybe even a hundred. I asked my Indian friend, Shweta Galway, if she’d show me how to make one. She said yes, although she had a funny reaction, like I asked her to show me how to make a glass of milk.

Lolita Pre-Opening Reports


Nearly the entire Maine food writing corp was on-hand Wednesday night for a press preview event at Lolita (facebook, website). All involved seemed to be having a very enjoyable time.

Thursday night Lolita a friends and family dinner to put the staff through their paces. The date for a public opening should be announced shortly. In the meantime check-out  Blueberry Files, Urban Eye, Spoon & Shutter and Eater Maine for photos from the press event.

First Review: Riverside Grill

The Golden Dish has reviewed the Riverside Grill.

The menu has some interesting entrees and I think what we chose were standouts.  Organic Statler-cut chicken breast is marinated in a red-wine vinaigrette, browned on the grill and then finished off in the oven.  It’s set in a whole-grain mustard and wine sauce and garnished with the most delicious vinaigrette-marinated tomatoes, artichokes and olives.

Under Construction: The Farm Stand

Today’s Press Herald includes a report on the new local foods market/butcher shop under construction in South Portland,

[Partners Penny Jordan and Ben Slayton] signed a three-year lease two weeks ago for the building at 161 Ocean St. in South Portland’s Knightville neighborhood, near Uncle Andy’s Diner, Taco Trio and the Legion Square Market (formerly Smaha’s). They also looked at the Willard Beach neighborhood, Slayton said, but the Knightville neighborhood was attractive because it’s close to other grocery stores that already attract food shoppers and is part of an up-and-coming neighborhood.

It’s also interesting to note that Joe Fournier will be joining The Farm Stand as the store’s general manager.

Reviews: India Bazaar and Sangillo’s

The Press Herald has reviewed the take-out at India Bazaar,

Let’s just cut to the chase: The food was, shall we say, underwhelming. I’d be willing to bet the samosas came out of a package and were the reason for the microwave. The palak paneer, to me, looked and tasted like packaged paneer that had been tossed into thawed-out frozen spinach. As for the butter chicken, it was tender and spiced well, but was, well, just OK. What does it say when the rice was the best part of the meal? It was cooked perfectly.

and Drink-up and Get Happy has paid a return visit to Sangillo’s.

We certainly hope that the City of Portland and Sangillo’s can work out their difference to allow this staple for the locals to remain open, but things aren’t looking so good right now.  Don’t miss your chance to experience a great Portland dive-bar before it’s too  late.