Reviews: India Bazaar and Sangillo’s

The Press Herald has reviewed the take-out at India Bazaar,

Let’s just cut to the chase: The food was, shall we say, underwhelming. I’d be willing to bet the samosas came out of a package and were the reason for the microwave. The palak paneer, to me, looked and tasted like packaged paneer that had been tossed into thawed-out frozen spinach. As for the butter chicken, it was tender and spiced well, but was, well, just OK. What does it say when the rice was the best part of the meal? It was cooked perfectly.

and Drink-up and Get Happy has paid a return visit to Sangillo’s.

We certainly hope that the City of Portland and Sangillo’s can work out their difference to allow this staple for the locals to remain open, but things aren’t looking so good right now.  Don’t miss your chance to experience a great Portland dive-bar before it’s too  late.

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