Interview with Abigail Carroll

The Root has published an interview with Abigail Carroll, the owner of Nonesuch Oysters in Scarborough.

Would you describe the “traditional, environmentally-safe” grow-out method you use.
We buy very small spat, about 1.5 mm in size, and put it into a nursery – an up-weller – where the oysters are contained and fed by water we pump from the estuary. There are no additives; they drink only natural water from the estuary. When the oysters get to be about ¼” we take them to our grow-out site in floating bags where they stay until we harvest. As the farm grows, we hope to do more ground seeding. Our “Free Range” oysters are particularly gorgeous.

Under Construction: Piccolo

Chef Damian Sansonetti has leased 111 Middle Street, the former location of Bresca, and plans to open a new restaurant called Piccolo. Sansonetti will be serving a menu inspired by cuisine of Calabria and Abruzzi, tapping into the rustic tastes of of the regions where his family hail from. He plans to make some changes to the interior design of the dining room but otherwise leave the overall layout the same, and hopes to open the restaurant in September.

Sansonetti moved to Portland from NYC where he had been the Executive Chef of Bar Boulud. He’s a co-owner of Blue Rooster Food Co. on Dana Street. In addition to Piccolo, he still has plans to open a restaurant in Portland called Sonnet at some point in the future.

In and Around Town

Boston food blogger In and Around Town recently paid a visit to Portland and has written about her experiences at Standard Baking, Duckfat, Street & Co. and East Ender.

Everything at East Ender was out of this world.  Who would have thought that such delicious fried chicken would come out of Maine?!  The hoisin BBQ sauce on the pulled pork was surprising and added a fun twist in flavor.  The donut was literally the icing on the cake.  Going to East Ender for any form of food is a good decision.

Reviews: Outliers & Brian Boru

Today’s Press Herald includes a review of Brian Boru,

My barbecue was outstanding. I loved the zesty flavor of the barbecue sauce, and I really appreciated that the slaw came as part of the sandwich instead of on the side.

The slaw tempered the tender barbecue just enough to create a nice contrast in flavors and texture, and was not at all juicy to dampen the bun.

a bar review of Outliers,

Cocktails made with beer are a trend that in the wrong hands can go, well, wrong. At Outliers, capable hands mixed up my order, Postman Always Rings Twice (wheat beer, gin, St. Germain, lemon and grapefruit juices and orange bitters), a refreshing, perfectly balanced libation for warm summer evenings. On such nights, the outdoor deck beckons, with its view across Harbor View Park to the bridge.

an interview with the owners of Gelato Fiasco,

Since starting out with little idea how to make gelato, let alone profitably, they have won accolades from Food Network Magazine (top frozen dessert in Maine) and Down East magazine (best ice cream in the state) and a trip to the White House for an event honoring young entrepreneurs.

and the latest installment of the What Ales You column.

Miyake Farm

WCSH has aired a report about Miyake’s farm in Freeport which supplies produce and meat products to Miyake and Pai Men Miyake.

Chef Masa Miyake has been cooking in restaurants since he was 16, now he is realizing another dream of his, raising many breeds of animals he cannot find for his restaurants in his own backyard farm.

“Farming is more work. More difficult,” he admits, but says there is a certain type of satisfaction that comes from growing your own produce and nuturing livestock that is served at your table.


Food Trucks: Love Cupcakes

The Forecaster has published an interview with Anna Turcotte about Love Cupcakes and the challenges of running a food truck in Portland.

The newly remodeled truck has the same color scheme of the little trailer and will be located in a parking lot at Fore and Center streets. They plan to be open dessert hours, 7-10 p.m., Thursdays, Fridays and most Saturdays, if they don’t have an event to cater.

Turcotte said the new truck will give her more freedom and mobility to cater events like weddings and bridal showers, which have been much more successful, but previously required her to have more help.