Immigrant Kitchens: Pho

In the latest entry from Immigrant Kitchens, Lindsay Sterling learns how to make Pho from Hieu Nguyen (read the story, get the recipe and see the photos).

My friend’s husband, Hieu Nguyen, grew up in Dalat, Vietnam, until he was five. He remembers Vietnam’s gorgeous rolling hills, beaches, rainforests, and lakes as a cross between Vermont and Costa Rica. He hasn’t been back since he left in 1975, the day before Saigon fell. He hopes one day to visit with his wife and kids. In the mean time, he lights incense and cooks a Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, called pho, combining his grandmother and mother’s methods with his own, discovered after years of cooking it every Sunday for his family.

Food Trucks: Anywhere Coffee Bar

Carson Lynch, owner of the Gorham Grind, is working on a project to launch a food truck. The new truck will be called Anywhere Coffee Bar (twitter) is slated to launch in early September. Lynch plans on operating year-round. He’s in the process of leasing a parking space along “a main commuter route in Portland” during the week and hopes to also book catering jobs and event appearances on the weekend.

Allagash Brewing

Eat Maine has published an article about Allagash Brewing.

For beer nerds, an additional perk of the expansion is that it frees up the old brew house to focus on producing Allagash’s more experimental beers, like the Coolship brews, which are made with wild yeast, or Fluxus, part of the Tribute Series Beers, which is made according to a different recipe each year. These products, along with the limited edition beers, are rarely found on liquor store shelves…

Under Construction: Miyake Diner

The Bangor Daily News has published an interview with Massa Miyake and Will Garfield about Miyake Diner which is under construction in the original Miyake location on Spring Street.

It will also have a very different type of menu. It will be an izakaya-style restaurant, which in Japanese translates to something like a gastro-pub, according to Garfield.

In Japan, izakaya joints are places people go after work to have some drinks — mostly sake — and small plates of food. There won’t be any sushi on the menu, nor gyoza, ramen or pork buns.

Miyake, who once worked in a macrobiotic kitchen in New York City, said the menu will be “small plates, largely vegetable focused.”

First Look at MJ’s

The Blueberry Files has posted a first look at MJ’s, the new wine bar that opened Wednesday in the One City Center building.

I hear ‘wine bar,’ and I think ‘stuffy.’ But this place, run by an affable man named Mark who used to bartend at Little Tap House, has not one fleck of pretentiousness. The staff is clearly knowledgeable, but will help you out when you just want a glass of wine and don’t care what it is. I think MJ’s wine bar is a welcome addition to this awkward little corner of space where Monument Square meets Free Street.

Popups & Supperpie

The Bangor Daily News has published an article about Supperpie and other popup events taking place in Maine.

Food served in a new and often secret location by chefs who bring their “A” game is the dining trend of the moment. In Portland and across the state, more underground dinners are popping up this summer than ever.

At the helm last Thursday was Rocco Salvatore Talarico, a traveling chef who has cooked his way from San Francisco to South Portland and is working on a cookbook centered on his creative, international culinary style.

The next installment of Supperpie is scheduled to take place on August 8.

Under Construction: Foundation Brewing Co.

A new brewery called Foundation Brewing Company (website, facebook, twitter) has secured financing and leased space on Industrial Way. The brewery is a collaboration between Joel Mahaffey and John Bonney.

As of July, we’ve leased space at the infamous One Industrial Way building, the same complex that birthed some other Maine breweries you may have heard of, like Rising Tide and Maine Beer Company. We’re psyched to be moving in to such a great space down the street from Allagash. Hopefully some of the great beer mojo of Industrial Way will rub off on us.

The brewery’s website lists 2 beers they’re working on: Blaze (hybrid between a traditional Saison and an American IPA) and Bedrock (easy drinking dark beer). They hope to be in commercial production before the end of the year.

Reviews of Wannawaf and Nosh

The Press Herald has published a review of Wannawaf,

It was an interesting blend of flavors, but I wished the brie pieces had been a little larger, because most of the chunks blended into the batter and got a little lost. When all the flavors came together in one bite, it was heaven.

All of the savory waffle options cost $6.89 — add a cup of coffee, and the entire meal will set you back $9 and change.

and a bar review of Nosh.

But what about Nosh as simply a bar — does it stand alone? Is it possible to walk into Nosh and not be tempted to order a pail of fries (and a charcuterie plate, fried pickles and fried cheese curds)?

The short answer is no — it’s nearly impossible. But anyone could tell you that.

Today’s paper also includes this week’s What Ales You column.

Interview with Damian Sansonetti

Eater Maine has published an interview with Damian Sansonetti about Blue Rooster, his plans for Piccolo and being part of Portland’s food community.

What are some items that we’ll see on the menu [at Piccolo]?
You’re definitely going to see cavatelli. Both my grandparents cooked cavatelli and I swear that was the first pasta I ever remember making. I remember making it with my nana, my mom’s mom. As soon as I could see the table, I’d help her. She’d feed the machine and I’d crank it through. When I was older, I’d put the dough through myself. She’d tell me to put it through nice and easy so it didn’t gum up. It makes me happy cooking it. One dish I used to do a lot is a lamb neck bolognese, which I’m looking to have.

Sansonetti also emailed to let me know that his wife Ilma Lopez will be taking on the role of pastry chef at Piccolo and will be joining the staff at Blue Rooster. Additionally, Blue Rooster will be in Newcastle this weekend for a pop-up at Oxbow Brewing.