Reviews of Wannawaf and Nosh

The Press Herald has published a review of Wannawaf,

It was an interesting blend of flavors, but I wished the brie pieces had been a little larger, because most of the chunks blended into the batter and got a little lost. When all the flavors came together in one bite, it was heaven.

All of the savory waffle options cost $6.89 — add a cup of coffee, and the entire meal will set you back $9 and change.

and a bar review of Nosh.

But what about Nosh as simply a bar — does it stand alone? Is it possible to walk into Nosh and not be tempted to order a pail of fries (and a charcuterie plate, fried pickles and fried cheese curds)?

The short answer is no — it’s nearly impossible. But anyone could tell you that.

Today’s paper also includes this week’s What Ales You column.

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