Reviews of The Snug and of Taj

The Press Herald has published a bar review of The Snug,

Located at Washington Avenue and Congress Street about halfway up Munjoy Hill in Portland, it’s become a neighborhood bar for East Enders. Those who love it do because it feels like home. For those who don’t, I guess they just don’t understand the charm of this little bar.

and a review of Taj in South Portland.

My visit was mixed. Some items were delicious, others disappointing. Overall, however, I think fans of Indian food will want to pay a visit to Taj.

Immigrant Kitchens: La Bandera

In the latest entry from Immigrant Kitchens, Lindsay Sterling learns how to make La Bandera from Angel Ferreras (read the recipe and see the photos).

“What are we having?” I asked. His teenage daughter, Pamela, responded, in English and in Spanish: “Vamos a comer la bandera.” The dish name translates to “the flag” and consists of rice, beans and meat with twice-fried plantains, called tostones, on the side. Dominicans eat la bandera so often that it apparently defines the country as much as the flag.

Maine Cider, Common Ground Fair, Apples & Coffee/Wine

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes an article about Maine’s cider industry,

Hard apple cider is a longtime New England tradition, and has a storied history in America going all the way back to the founders. Now the fizzy brew is finding new fans, thanks in part to small, local producers who are turning out a more European-style cider that’s tarter than the sweet stuff that’s usually produced in this country.

a preview of the eating options and educational programs at this weekend’s Common Ground Fair, the paper’s annual apple buying guide and an Appel on Wine column on coffee.

Portland Cupcakes

The Bangor Daily News visited a cross-section of Portland cupcake bakeries and published their eating notes on East End Cupcakes, Two Fat Cats, Bam Bam Bakery and Bakery on the Hill.

Full disclosure: I think this was my personal favorite, though I cannot speak for my cohorts. A fluffy but moist spice cake, topped with some of the fluffiest icing I’ve ever had, flavored with cinnamon. This cupcake defied gravity. Bakery on the Hill is a new addition to Portland — only open since June — but it’s clear they’re already a major contender.

Maine Spirits Calling (UPDATED)

Today’s episode of Maine Calling on MPBN radio will take a look at the evolving craft distilling industry here in Maine.

Host Keith Shortall will be interviewing bartender extraordinaire John Myers, Joe Swanson from Maine Distilleries and Ned Wight from New England Distilling.

The radio show airs at 12:15 on 90.1 FM. I’ll post a link to a recording of the show once it’s available.

Update: The audio recording of this interview is now available online.