Portland Cupcakes

The Bangor Daily News visited a cross-section of Portland cupcake bakeries and published their eating notes on East End Cupcakes, Two Fat Cats, Bam Bam Bakery and Bakery on the Hill.

Full disclosure: I think this was my personal favorite, though I cannot speak for my cohorts. A fluffy but moist spice cake, topped with some of the fluffiest icing I’ve ever had, flavored with cinnamon. This cupcake defied gravity. Bakery on the Hill is a new addition to Portland — only open since June — but it’s clear they’re already a major contender.

3 comments on “Portland Cupcakes

  1. Not quite the whole story. Bakery on the Hill opened last year. The new owners took over earlier this year. June sounds about right.

  2. If you haven’t checked out Bakery on The Hill due to the rather flaky hours of the previous owners, do so now as they are truly great bakers. They’re open 10 in the morning from Wednesday to Sunday with a closing time of mid afternoon on Sunday’s.

    They’re also selling artisan bread and this week coming will see home-made soups added to menu.

    My fav thing on the menu is the chocolate peanut butter cookies.

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