Bar Review of Amigo’s

The Bollard has published a bar review of Amigo’s.

Though Amigos is not my first choice for cocktails, it’s consistently been my choice for getting a drink. No bar has seen me pass its threshold more often without paying me to be there. Amigos is all about atmosphere and familiarity. Regulars are the rule, not the exception. That speaks volumes and recommends the place more than any particular mixed drink.

Roost House of Juice on Kickstarter

Roost House of Juice is raising money on Kickstarter to help fund their juice bar under construction on Free Street. Owners Kathleen Flanagan and Jeanette Richelson will be “offering fresh-pressed juices and smoothies with as much local organic Maine produce as possible” that are “entirely plant-based with no soy, no gluten, and no dairy”. If that sounds like your thing you might want to help them out with a donation.

The campaign if already off to a good start and is approaching the 50% mark for their $8,500 goal.

Roost is following in the footsteps of Food Coma TV and Union Bagel Company. Both organizations ran successful Kickstarter campaigns that were important in getting their ventures up and running.

Review of El Rayo Cantina

From Away has published a review of the El Rayo Cantina.

Almost across the board, traditional Mexican dishes are completely reconsidered and reinvented from the ground up at Cantina El Rayo, requiring you to set aside your expectations for the way a dish “should” be. Sometimes, as with the “ERC Burger” or, to a lesser extent, the pozole, this works exceptionally well, combining flavors and unexpected presentations in a way that delights the senses. Even if a few dishes are less successful, the sheer creativity on display in their preparation makes you happy to have sampled them…

Bar Review of Rosie’s & Freeport Brewing

The Press Herald has published a bar review of Rosie’s,

What I liked a lot about Rosie’s is that it definitely achieves the cozy neighborhood pub ambiance without feeling like you’re in a cave. Large windows in the front of the bar and seating area let in ample light throughout the afternoon. The staff was relaxed, friendly and welcoming.

Today’s paper also includes an article about Freeport Brewing.

Out of the Blue & Delicious TV

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes an article on Out of the Blue,

Grace, along with 19 other Maine restaurants, is participating in “Out of the Blue,” a special promotion organized by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute that began June 1 and runs through Sunday. Out of the Blue celebrates those lesser-known, under-appreciated species in the ocean that rarely end up on diners’ dinner plates.

and an article about the vegan TV show, Delicious TV.

Inside a light-drenched modern kitchen in Cumberland, New York City chef and best-selling vegan cookbook author Terry Hope Romero positions herself behind the gas cooktop and looks into the camera.

Under Construction: Mark’s Place & Eventide Oyster Co.

There are a couple under construction updates in this week’s City Council agenda:

  • A new sports bar called Mark’s Place is under construction at 416 Fore Street. A draft menu was supplied as part of their liquor license application (page 65).
  • The owners of Hugo’s has applied for a revised liquor license in anticipation of the opening for Eventide Oyster Company. As you can see from the floor plan below, the kitchen will expand into 86 Middle Street and that will be the sole passage between Hugo’s and Eventide. You can see a draft menu for Eventide in the liquor license application (page 45).

Bakery on the Hill

The Munjoy Hill News has published a report about Bakery on the Hill’s new owners.

This afternoon Smith’s 26 year old daughter Alexandra Trischler, was learning Gonier’s recipes as Smith watched. Trischler is an accomplished pastry chef in New York City in her own right. She used to work for Danny Meyer, one of the top restauranters in NYC; he used to own a dozen Michelin star restaurants. She’s a former sous pastry chef at Mialino, at the Grammarcy Park Hotel, NYC. Currently, she is pastry chef at the North End Grille, on Wall Street, for Chef Floyd Cardoz. Trischler plans on remaining in the area for a few months to insure that the transition in ownership is smooth before returning to NYC.

This Week’s Events: Hot Wing Challenge, Old Port Festival, Blue Gold, Greenflash

Wednesday — the Monument Square Farmers Market is taking place.

Thursday — the 1st Annual Maine Hot Wing Cook-Off Challenge is taking place, and The Great Lost Bear is showcasing a selection of beers from the Brooklyn Brewing.

Friday — Think Tank is screening the movie Blue Gold, and Novare Res will be showcasing beer from Greenflash Brewery.

Saturday — Wine Wise is leading a wine walk featuring trendsetting European Whites, there will be a wine tasting at Rosemont on Brighton, and the Deering Oaks Farmers Market is taking place.

Sunday — it’s the 39th Annual Old Port Festival.

Twilight Dinnerstickets are now on sale for Cultivating Community’s Twilight Dinners. The dinners have proved so popular that they’re now a weekly occurrence starting July 5.

For more information on these and other upcoming food happenings in the area, visit the event calendar.

If you are holding a food event this week that’s not listed above, publicize it by adding it as a comment to this post.