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Maine’s Craft Beer Industry

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

The Business section in today’s Press Herald features a report titled “Maine’s craft beer boom shows no sign of going flat“.

When it opens, Fore River will be the newest player in Maine’s exploding and intensely local craft beer scene. As of 2014, the state had the sixth-most breweries per capita in the nation, according to the Brewers Association, a national group. In 2013 and 2014, nine new breweries and brewpubs opened in greater Portland alone. There are currently 52 breweries in the state, but that number is set to jump even higher in 2016, and existing breweries are expanding.

The article includes details on Fore River Brewing(twitter, facebook, instagram) which is opening later this year in South Portland.

Maine Malt House

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

The Bangor Daily News has published an article on the Maine Malt House, which supplies malted Maine grown grains to brewers in the state.

Aroostook County is not home to the bustling craft breweries that have sprouted up across Maine, New England and other parts of the country. A brewery and pub that opened in Presque Isle in 2004, Slopes Northern Maine Restaurant and Brewing Company, closed for lack of business not long afterward. But, 10 years later, the Buck brothers are not trying to sell beer locally; they want to produce and sell malts across the state through an integrated farm and malthouse business.

100 Best Beers

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Men’s Journal has included Allagash White, Allagash Coolship Resurgam, Mo from Maine Beer Co. and Bissell Brothers Substance in their 2015 list of the 100 Best Beers in the World.

Under Construction: Lone Pine Brewing

Monday, October 5th, 2015

lonepine_logoA new brewery called Lone Pine(website, facebook, twitter, instagram) is under development in East Bayside, according to a report from Eater Maine. The brewery is going in at 219 Anderson Street at the former location of Pistol Pete Upholstery Shop.

Lone Pine Brewery is the project of Tom Madden from Madden Beverage in Saco. He hopes to open Lone Point this winter.

Need to get caught-up on all the new places under construction? Check out the our Under Construction list for the latest details.

Growth of Maine Beer Industry

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015

The Bangor Daily News has published an article on the growth in the Maine beer industry.

New crowds are trekking to hidden places across the state, such as Bigelow Hill in Skowhegan, where chocolate chili stout is paired with wood-fired pizza, and to Marsh Island Brewing Co., which is located in an Orono auto repair shop where wheels are aligned and Downrigger IPA is brewed and bottled under the same roof.

Breweries in Maine are revving up so fast and furiously that Sean Sullivan, executive director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, is having a hard time keeping up with marketing material.

New Geary’s Brewer

Friday, August 14th, 2015

The Press Herald reports on Geary’s new brewer Ben Rossignol.

When I visit the brewery to talk with Geary and Rossignol there’s a session IPA brewed with Jarrylo hops and American ale yeast on draft at the tasting room. It’s the first beer brewed with American ale yeast since Geary’s opened in 1986. This single-hop IPA has a fruity aroma of pears, bananas and oranges. The flavor is a fruit cocktail mixture that Rossignol says tastes like a “Dole fruit cup.” I agree. And it’s good.

The next experimental beer that will be on tap at the tasting room is a saison brewed with seventy pounds of strawberries from a farm in Limington. A saison? From Geary’s? With strawberries? Yes, yes and yes.

Celebrator Beer News

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

celebratorThe August/September issue of Celebrator Beer News includes a survey of the Portland beer scene (page 21).

 When many people hear “Portland craft beer,” they immediately think of Portland, Ore. But New England’s Portland also has a great deal to offer. For the first few months of this year, I found myself working on a project in our country’s original Portland during its stormiest winter in years.

The article mentions Geary’s, Allagash, Bissell,  Rising Tide, Foundation, Austin Street, Great Lost Bear, Novare, Bunker, Maine Craft Distilling and many more brewers, brewpubs and restaurants.

Mockingfish Tequila/Gose

Monday, August 10th, 2015

mockingfishRising Tide Brewing will be releasing a new beer called Mockingfish this week. Mockingfish is a tequila barrel-aged gose-style beer.

The release is taking place Thursday noon at the brewery on Fox Street. There will be a 4-pack limit per person.

Interview with Heather Sanborn

Friday, July 31st, 2015

The Portland Phoenix has interviewed Heather Sanborn, co-owner of Rising Tide.

KB: You have a small rack of barrels aging in the back of the brewery. Will that be a bigger part of your model going forward, or are your barrel-aged beers more of a side project?
HS: I think that remains to be seen. Right now we don’t have more space for barrel aging, but that’s about to change. We have a 8,000 square foot warehouse in Westbrook that’s coming online in about three weeks. We just hired somebody to manage it and we leased a box truck that we’re going to use to bring things back and forth. So we should have a lot more space for barrel storage soon. Then it’s really just a process of ramping up that barrel program over time. It takes a long time to build up a successful barrel program at any kind of scale.

Cantillon Zwanze Day 2015

Friday, July 31st, 2015

cantillonzwanzeNovare Res is one of a select list of bars worldwide participating in this year’s  Cantillon  Zwanze day. Get to Novare early on September 19 to try this year’s beer.

Peak Organic’s National Reach

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

The Boston Globe has a report on Peak Organic’s expansion into markets across the country.

Peak products are now available in cities beyond New York; they’re all along the East Coast and in California, reflective of their 29 percent overall growth in 2014. Cadoux credits the expansion to thriving restaurant scenes in Miami, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Boston, and a sales staff focused on selling the brew as a good beer for food.

Under Construction: Fore River Brewing

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

The Forecaster has published an article about Fore River Brewing(twitter, facebook, instagram) and the new brewery they’re building in South Portland.

Anastasoff, the former landscape contractor, owns the property and used to store up to 1,600 tons of salt during the winter. After selling his business and repurposing the space, the garage will eventually serve as the brewing area, which will be fronted by a large sliding barn door, in keeping with the “rustic, industrial look,” he said. 

According to the article, Fore River hopes to open in October.

Interview with Austin Street

Friday, July 10th, 2015

The Portland Phoenix has published an interview with Austin Street Brewery owners Will Fisher and Jake Austin.

KB: Stylistically you’re all over the place, but your favorites seem to be hop-forward ales and brett-fermented funky stuff, will you focus in more on specific styles once you have the big system?

J: I definitely have plenty more ideas and I know we’ll end up doing new beers at some point, maybe sooner rather than later. But stylistically, yeah, we’ll probably hone in on more light, dry, hoppy stuff, clean fermented, and then just do even more brett stuff. Typically any new beer you see from us now is going be a brett beer, I would say. Maybe push into some more true sour stuff, kind of flirting with the edge with some tart sorts of beers.

Under Construction: Dirigo Brewing Co.

Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Tom Bull, former owner of Portland-based Bull Jager Brewing, will be launching Dirigo Brewing in Biddeford later this year, according to a report from The Beer Babe.

Peak IPA?

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

The Beer Babe, aka Carla Jean Lauter, has penned an article for The Bollard that asks “Are we reaching peak IPA?

For those new to craft beer, IPAs can be hard to swallow. It takes awhile to warm your taste buds to their bitterness, and I often run into folks who need help finding beers on a tap list that “aren’t really hoppy.” As the IPA revolution rages, that’s becoming harder to do. Giving consumers a variety of entry points, whether that be through fruit beers, lighter beers, or other styles, is the smart way to convert and retain new craft-beer patrons.

Under Construction: Fore River Brewing

Monday, June 8th, 2015

Fore River Brewing(twitter, facebook, instagram) has started construction on their brewery. Their building is located in the Cash Corner section of South Portland across Veteran’s Memorial Bridge.

Selecting a Beer Festival

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

The new issue of The Bollard provides some great advice on how to decide which beer festivals to attend and which should get a pass.

I used to hate beer festivals, but over time I’ve learned that they’re not all created equal, and some can be fantastic. A well-run festival is a social event where you learn things, a chance to try new beers and meet new people. It can be just as much fun as going to a concert. A poorly planned event can turn out to be a bro-fest promoting beers you already know too well. The tricky part is figuring out how to separate the hops from the chaff, so to speak.

Farm Use of Brewery/Roastery Byproducts

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Today’s Bangor Daily News includes an article on how brewery and coffee roaster byproducts are being used by Maine farms.

Average beer drinkers and java junkies probably don’t ponder the waste byproducts generated during the production of their favorite drinks.

However, behind the scenes, organic matter produced during brewing and coffee roasting processes is becoming a farming and gardening staple — an effective, low-cost alternative to commercial fertilizer and feed.

Source: Rabbits & Sustainable Breweries

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

Today’s edition of Source in the Maine Sunday Telegram includes articles on the increase in rabbit farming,

Central Provisions usually has a rabbit-based dish on both the lunch and dinner menu, like a rabbit confit panini and a smoked rabbit salad. Gould goes through about 45 pounds of rabbit a week. Other high-end Portland restaurants that serve or have served rabbit include Hugo’s, Petite Jacqueline, Emilitsa (in phyllo with spinach and feta) and Sur Lie. Up the coast, it appears on the menus at Primo in Rockland and Francine Bistro in Camden.

and the steps Maine brewers are taking to be more sustainable.

Since water accounts for up to 95 percent of beer’s content, Nathan Sanborn of Rising Tide Brewing Company says his company’s sustainability efforts focus on water conservation. His team monitors water usage and has consolidated equipment-cleaning procedures so less water and cleaning chemicals can be used to sanitize more gear. These efforts have helped the company cut usage by 35 percent.

Wired: Wild-Fermented Beers

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Allagash features prominently in an article in Wired magazine about wild-fermented sour beers.

A few miles north of Portland, Maine, inside Allagash Brewing Company’s gleaming fluorescent-lit beer factory, a heavy door leads into a climate-controlled room lined with barrels full of aging beer. Past those barrels, behind a second, smaller door, is one of craft brewing’s most sacred spaces. In here, the thrumming industrial drone of bottling lines and keg washers fades away. Wooden casks stand silent sentry. Dust hangs heavy. Cobwebs lilt. The owner of Allagash, Rob Tod, sets a small green bottle of beer on an upturned cask. Its contents were aged in this very room. He pops the cork and pours a fragrant, foamy measure into a yellow plastic KOA coffee mug.