Upcoming Events: Sherry Dinner, Apple Tasting, Thai Fried Chicken, Infusion Class

Tuesday – Chaval is serving a 5-course sherry dinner.

Wednesday – Rosemont is holding an apple tasting at their location on Thompson’s Point.

SaturdayStroudwater Distillery is holding a fall infusion workshop.

SundayRuby Thailand Cuisine is holding a fried chicken pop-up at their restaurant in South Portland.

October 27 – 29 – Harvest on the Harbor is taking place.

October 29 – the 17th Annual Veg Fest is taking place, as is the 2022 East Bayside Halloween Fest.

November 19Lorne is holding their 2nd annual La Fête du Beaujolais.

Thanksgiving – here’s the start of our Thanksgiving list. Entries will be added as restaurants post their details.

Saltwater Grille – a 3-course dinner for $55-65/person.

Harraseeket Inn – is serving their Grand Buffet (menu); $139/adult, children 6-12 are $49/child, children 5 & under are free

Interview with Sean Turley

Down East magazine has published an interview with Sean Turley.

By day, Sean Turley is a Portland lawyer. But when he swaps out his business suit for denim overalls, he turns into one of Maine’s foremost apple nerds. His “origin story,” as he puts it, goes back a decade: One autumn day, he was driving through central Maine with his now-wife when they stopped at an orchard. Turley knew a few types of apples from supermarkets — Gala, Golden Delicious, etc. — but at this single orchard, he encountered more than two dozen different apples with names he’d never heard. Awed by the sheer variety, he loaded up his trunk and hauled them home for a tasting with friends.

To learn more from Turley about the world of heirloom apple varieties visit his instagram account, The Righteous Russet.

Upcoming Events: Oberlin, Community Cider, Bar History Tour, Apples

Wednesday – the chefs from Oberlin (from Providence, Rhode Island) and Regards will be serving a collaboration dinner.

SaturdayUSM is leading a Big Queer Historical Bar Tour, there will be a community cider pressing at the Mount Joy Orchard., and A&C Soda Shop will be holding a pop-up in South Portland.

SundayMOFGA is holding Great Maine Apple Day at Unity, and McDougal’s Orchard is holding an apple tasting.

October 18 – Chaval is serving a 5-course sherry dinner.

October 19Rosemont is holding an apple tasting at their location on Thompson’s Point.

October 27 – 29 – Harvest on the Harbor is taking place.

October 29 – the 17th Annual Veg Fest is taking place, as is the 2022 East Bayside Halloween Fest.

November 19Lorne is holding their 2nd annual La Fête du Beaujolais.

Review of Wilson County

Today’s Maine Sunday Telegram includes a review of Wilson County Barbecue,

If ketchup-based sauce and beef brisket are all that comes to mind when you hear the word, “barbecue,” it’s time for a visit to Wilson County Barbecue in Portland’s Bayside neighborhood. Opened by Spencer Brantley and his business partners from Ri Ra, the restaurant is “a whole-hog-focused, sub-regional restaurant” specializing in Eastern North Carolina barbecue dishes. Chief among them, tangy, pit-smoked pulled pork that gets a jolt from apple cider vinegar and red pepper flakes.

Old Port Noodle House

Khanhly Nguyen has applied for a liquor license for the Old Port Noodle House at 245 Commercial Street.

Nguyen is in the process of buying the Veranda Noodle House from family members. He expects to continue to operate the business along the same lines but will rename it as the Old Port Noodle House.

The Veranda Noodle House originally opened in 2015.

A Wonder in Woodfords Corner

A new African restaurant called Merveille is under construction in Woodfords Corner at 683 Forest Ave in the space formerly occupied by the Shawarma & Kebab House.

Owner Liliana Mungongo Da Silva is a recent immigrant who originally hails from Angola. Here’s a bit of her personal history shared in her liquor license application.

Indeed, I embraced commerce, trading and business at an early age in Africa. Coming out from a humble family, armed with a very strong will to succeed in life, my beginning was hard. I endured the hardship from selling water in the street to becoming one of the prominent businesswomen in Luanda, Angola. I became a role-model and led many other women into the field of business, traveled to more than 20 countries around the world; due to political unrest, I finally rested my luggages in the USA.

Da Silva’s goal is for Merveille to be “place where people from different cultures can meet and mingle.” Merveille is intended to be a place where Americans can experience a food culture that may be new to them, and where members of the African immigrant community “can easily find their home foods when going to or coming back from work”.

The draft menu includes some regional dishes like fufu, fumbua, bolino de chuva, kikwanga, plantains and casava leaves along with vegetables, salad, and dishes featuring goat, fish and chicken.

Merveille is a French word that appears to mean a ‘wonder’ or ‘marvel’.

3rd Annual Backyard Cider Project

Anoche (websiteinstagram) has announced plans for the 3rd Annual Backyard Cider Project. This exciting community-oriented initiative will be gathering apple donations from the public, and work with Absolem Cider (website, instagram) in Winthrop to press, ferment and bottle a Basque-style apple vermouth.

All across our state, apple trees abound on public and private property and a large portion of their apples go to waste. With the apple harvest upon us, we are asking everyone with access to apple trees to bring us your fruit!

We will gratefully accept blemished apples, small apples, crab apples, and not-so-delicious apples—cider apples don’t typically taste good so bitter and weird-flavored apples are our favorite!

This year we are bringing our backyard to the Basque region! Inspired by Spanish methods and customs we will be transforming the apples of Maine into an apple-wine vermut with local herbs and botanicals. We have always felt a special connection to the rocky shores of northern Spain—a place that shares not only our state’s latitude but also it’s independent spirit and rugged terrain. We can’t wait to share this year’s Backyard Cider with you at Vermut Hour!

You can drop off your apples any time in the big bins outside at both Anoche and at Absolem Cider in Winthrop, Maine. Or better yet swing in when we’re open so we can thank you in person!

Eastern Prom Food Truck Survey

The Press Herald has published a report on the the City’s ‘pilot program’ which relocated food trucks on the street this summer.

Cameron Gardner, co-owner of Falafel Mafia, said he’s been disappointed with the pilot. “It hasn’t gone well,” Gardner said. “The only reason I’m here today is because I hadn’t booked any events.”

Gardner said his sales are down 30 percent to 40 percent compared to last year. He said business was slightly better over the summer during the height of the tourism season, but that overall the new location doesn’t have the same visibility and accessibility.

The city has fielded a survey to get the public’s feedback on the relocation of the food trucks this past summer.

Papi on Exchange Street

A new Puerto Rican-inspired bar and restaurant called Papi (facebook, instagram) is under construction at 18 Exchange Street. Papi is being launched by Joshua Miranda along with bartender LyAnna Sanabria (instagram).

As you can see, the space is still very much under construction. However, if the remaining work goes according to plan Papi is expected to open in late November or early December. The space will seat 48—15 at the curved bar shown above, 31 in a banquet along the left wall of the space and the 2 remaining seats in a semi enclosed “lover’s booth” with louvered French doors towards the back of the bar.

The menu will feature food and drink inspired by the foodways of Puerto Rican.  Sanabria shared, “I remember hearing a Nuyorican say ‘we are our ancestors wildest dreams’ and that is honestly how I envision the cocktail program for Papi. Like most Puerto Ricans I was heavily impacted by watching my family cook and dance. Honoring the diaspora, expect flavors like guava, coconut and sofrito while melding with the fresh and seasonal seaside flavors available here in Maine.”

Here’s a look at the draft food and beverage menus:

The Papi team will be running a pop-up event on October 10th where you’ll be able to get an early taste of the food and cocktails. The pop-up will raise funds for VisitRico and ConPRmetidos to aid residents of the island as they recover from hurricane Fiona. Tickets are now available.

Monday Nights

The Press Herald has published a list of restaurants open on Monday nights.

To help simplify your search for a Monday meal, we’ve rounded up a few dozen restaurants in and around Portland that stay open. And because the labor shortage has forced many eateries to further reduce their days of operation, we’ve included whether they’re open Tuesday too.