3rd Annual Backyard Cider Project

Anoche (websiteinstagram) has announced plans for the 3rd Annual Backyard Cider Project. This exciting community-oriented initiative will be gathering apple donations from the public, and work with Absolem Cider (website, instagram) in Winthrop to press, ferment and bottle a Basque-style apple vermouth.

All across our state, apple trees abound on public and private property and a large portion of their apples go to waste. With the apple harvest upon us, we are asking everyone with access to apple trees to bring us your fruit!

We will gratefully accept blemished apples, small apples, crab apples, and not-so-delicious apples—cider apples don’t typically taste good so bitter and weird-flavored apples are our favorite!

This year we are bringing our backyard to the Basque region! Inspired by Spanish methods and customs we will be transforming the apples of Maine into an apple-wine vermut with local herbs and botanicals. We have always felt a special connection to the rocky shores of northern Spain—a place that shares not only our state’s latitude but also it’s independent spirit and rugged terrain. We can’t wait to share this year’s Backyard Cider with you at Vermut Hour!

You can drop off your apples any time in the big bins outside at both Anoche and at Absolem Cider in Winthrop, Maine. Or better yet swing in when we’re open so we can thank you in person!