Interview with Sean Turley

Down East magazine has published an interview with Sean Turley.

By day, Sean Turley is a Portland lawyer. But when he swaps out his business suit for denim overalls, he turns into one of Maine’s foremost apple nerds. His “origin story,” as he puts it, goes back a decade: One autumn day, he was driving through central Maine with his now-wife when they stopped at an orchard. Turley knew a few types of apples from supermarkets — Gala, Golden Delicious, etc. — but at this single orchard, he encountered more than two dozen different apples with names he’d never heard. Awed by the sheer variety, he loaded up his trunk and hauled them home for a tasting with friends.

To learn more from Turley about the world of heirloom apple varieties visit his instagram account, The Righteous Russet.