Fork Food Lab Closing (Updated)

Eating Portland Alive is reporting that Fork Food Lab plans to close up at the end of September,

After 2 years in operation and one under management of NYC-based Pilotworks, Fork Food Lab is closing and evicting its 35+ entrepreneurs effective September 30th.

Update: the Press Herald has published a report on the closing , as have Maine Startup Insider, and the Bangor Daily News.


A new knife sharpening service called Strata (website, instagram) launched earlier this year. Owner Evan Atwell sharpens knives using a traditional Japanese whetstone process.

Atwell is looking to expand Strata in the coming months to include retail sales of specialty Japanese and French cutlery  and eventually include knives from New England producers as well.

Atwell moved to Portland from California where he worked for the Bi-Rite Market group. He currently works as a butcher at Rosemont Market.

This Week’s Events

Tuesday – an oyster and wine pairing event is taking place at Cloudport.

WednesdayOld Port Wine Merchants is holding a wine tasting , and the Monument Square Farmers’ Market is taking place.

Friday – Rose Foods is holding a Pizza Bagel Nite, there will be a wine tasting at the East End Rosemont.

Saturday – Little Giant Market is hosting a Sticky Sweet pop-up, and the Deering Oaks Farmers’ Market is taking place.

2nd Annual Dine OUT for Equality – the event is scheduled to take place on August 22nd. Restaurants that want to participate and support the EqualityMaine Foundation can learn more on their site.

For more information on these and other upcoming food happenings in the area, visit the event calendar.

If you are holding a food event this week that’s not listed above, publicize it by adding it as a comment to this post.

Reviews: Lio

The Press Herald has reviewed Lio,

The kind of cocktail you’d expect to find in an upscale cocktail bar, not in a bar known for wine, it blew me away with its burst of expertly blended flavors, a sensation that lasted until the final sip. As my sorority sisters know, I’ve enjoyed a lot of cocktails over the course of my travels, and this one was in the top five. It was thus no surprise when I learned that the bartender, Liz, used to be at Central Provisions. Frankly, you should probably stop reading this review right now and go straight to Lio to try one.

Allagash Bottle Releases

Allagash is holding a double bottle release on Saturday:

  • Coolship la Vigne, a spontaneously fermented beer made with with freshly pressed St. Croix and Sabrevois grapes from Maine Coast Vineyards in Falmouth, Maine. Allagash describes the beer as ” tart and funky with rounded notes of wine and apricot. The finish is both crisp and dry”.
  • Saison Gratis, “a tart and fruit-forward beer that’s hopped in our coolship and then open fermented”.

There’s a single bottle limit for the La Vigne and a 2 bottle limit for the Saison Gratis. Doors open at 10:30.

Best BBQ: Noble

Food & Wine has included Noble Barbecue in their list of the Best BBQ in Every State.

There’s an infectious enthusiasm twin brothers Ryan and Richard Carey bring to the table at Portland’s Noble Barbecue, but people aren’t showing up at this one-time taco shop for the good vibes alone—that’s just a happy add-on to a menu of some of the best smoked meat this town has most likely ever seen.

Maine Med Buys Pizza Villa Building

The Press Herald reports that Maine Med is

buying the building that houses Pizza Villa, a neighborhood institution in Portland’s West End for more than 50 years, as part of its $512 million expansion. The hospital said it has no immediate plans to change the property and will work with longtime owners Tony and Phil Regios, who are planning to retire, to find a new operator.