Interview with Briana Holt

Eater Maine has published a short interview with Briana Holt, baker at the upcoming West End location of Tandem Coffee.

Do you have a signature dish (or dishes) or plans for limited special items?
The new spot is going to be pretty pie-centric, with a constantly rotating list including seasonal and year-round options. I’m also pretty excited about the chocolate chip cookie, which I hope will cause a ruckus: Traffic jams, people camping out in front of the shop, that sort of thing.

Chinese at Boone’s

The Golden Dish has published a review of the Chinese menu items available at Boone’s.

But what you don’t expect to find there is some of the best Chinese food in Portland. It’s certainly on a par with the much larger Chinese menu offered by Empire Chinese. But here–amongst all the American staples of exceedingly well prepared seafood and shellfish, and the favorites like fried clams, lobster rolls, burgers, chowders—is a very brief list of four wok dishes prepared by Smith’s sous chef, Sean Doherty, a long-time member of his team.

From Away on Portland Food Book

From Away has published an article about Kate McCarty’s new book, Portland Food: The Culinary Capital of Maine.

Portland, Maine is fortunate to have so much incredible food, and even more fortunate to have such gifted local writers to document it. Kate McCarty’s new book, “Portland Food: The Culinary Capital of Maine” is the kind of volume you thumb through again and again, admiring its thoughtfulness, research, and the care the author took in crafting it.

Malcolm and Jillian have just completed their own book about Maine food and I am eagerly awaiting my copy from Amazon.

Aroma Joe’s, Sebago Bar Review, Shipyard Turns 20

Today’s Press Herald includes an article about Aroma Joe’s,

No intercoms. No mistakes. No attitudes.

Those three laws of service at Aroma Joe’s Coffee have helped propel the drive-thru coffee company from its first kiosk in a New Hampshire parking lot in 2000 to its plan to have 250 locations by 2020. The Portland-based chain currently has 19 founder-owned locations and three franchised locations.

a bar review of Sebago Brewing,

You can bet there will be at least one bachelorette or bachelor party a week, especially during the summer, and each weeknight seems to be designated for a particular meet-up group. For instance, the German club meets on Tuesdays, the Spanish club on Wednesdays, and recently, a small group of folks readying for the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada began meeting on Thursday nights. They sit by the fireplace.

and an article on Shipyard turning 20.

Shipyard Brewing Company turned 20 on April 24, but the big party will not be until July 12. The company won’t brew any special beers for the anniversary, I was disappointed to hear, but I understand.