Tempo Dulu Pop-Up Dinner (Updated)

Urban Eye has posted a report from Thursday’s Tempo Dulu pop-up.

But it was the diver scallop with beet jalapeño pineapple gastrique augmented with dollops of fermented soybean and seaweed from Malaysia that elicited the most swoons. The plump and sweet scallop reminded me of a perfectly executed souffle. Ethereal. Effortless. Impossible to pull off at home. And with Klang headed to town, why would you want to?

Though Portland would seem to have reached restaurant overload in 2015, there is always room for a well-executed, elevated dining experience. The time is right for Tempo Dulu. Tick tock!

Updated: Both The Golden Dish and the Portland Phoenix have also posted a reports on Tempo Dulu and the dinner.

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