Pizzeria Radici Opens Friday

Pizzeria Radici (websiteinstagram) is scheduled to open on Friday. Owners Randy and Ally Forrester have renovated the former Terlingua space. They’ve already sold out of pre-order capacity for takeout on Friday. They plan to open up ordering for Saturday in the near future.

The word “radici” means root in Italian and indicates the restaurants intent to pair ancestral food traditions with the “sustainability and versatility of Maine’s harvest from the land and sea”. The Forresters hope to open the pizzeria this coming summer.

The Forresters moved to Portland from Allentown, New Jersey where they operated Osteria Radici. Osteria Radici was a James Beard awards semifinalist for Best New Restaurant in 2018, and Randy Forrester was a semifinalist for Best Chef in the Mid-Atlantic in 2019.

A Guide to Maine Cider

Buoyed by an interest in local food, gluten-free eating, and the ongoing enthusiasm for heirloom apples, the last few years have seen significant growth in Maine cider industry. There are now 17 cider makers in Maine with at least four more producers under development. Additionally, in 2019 two dedicated cider bars – Perennial in Belfast and Anoche in Portland – opened for business.

With all of that in mind, I’ve put together a Guide to Maine Cider to provide a resource for me and my fellow cider enthusiasts to the producers, cider bars, bottle shops and events that are part of the emergent cider community in Maine.

Read the full Maine Cider Guide.

Two Fat Cats Opening Saturday (Updated)

Two Fat Cats (websitefacebook, instagram, twitter) has announced they’ll be opening their new bakery cafe at 195 Lancaster Street on Thursday, July 2nd Saturday July 4th. The bakery will offer take-out and pre-order options as well as, a special menu for the opening of their newest location. Indoor dining will be postponed for now.

The new building will provide Two Fat Cats much needed room to continue to grow their business. The 3,000 sq ft building will has space for seating and has onsite parking for customers.

Stacy Begin, Owner, Two Fat Cats Bakery, recalls “The first time I walked into the Lancaster Street building, it was gutted – an empty shell that required imagination. But the spirit of the building grabbed me and said, ‘Make me a bakery.’ And, I said, ‘Yes, you need to be a bakery.’ From that day to this, we saw the potential and the personality of the building come alive. Now when I walk through the door, I see a bakery. Not just any bakery – Two Fat Cats Bakery. It feels like home. It feels like Two Fat Cats. Sometimes you just have to listen to the building. It knows best.”

Two Fat Cats was founded in 2005 by Dana Street, Alison Pray, Matt James, and Kristen DuShane. Begin and Matthew Holbrook bought Two Fat Cats in 2012, and in 2018 TFC added a South Portland location.

Crowds on Wharf Street

Prompted by images of crowds on Wharf Street Friday night, the City of Portland is assigning code enforcement officers to monitor conditions on Wharf street and made clear that if “the regulations are not followed by businesses then the City will be forced to eliminate outdoor dining on Wharf Street and in other areas in which violations are found.”

For more information see reports in the Press Herald and from News Center Maine.

Food Industry Action Taking Place Today

30 eateries across Maine are taking part today in Food Industry Action. As part of the program participating businesses are raising money for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund by donating “5% of sales…on behalf of a united food community”.

You can see a full list of participating establishments in Maine and across the country on the Food Industry Action website and adjust your plans accordingly to support the initiative.