BP’s Shuck Shack

Urban  Eye has posted a report on BP’s Shuck Shack.

Shucking ‘em before your eyes from an old hotdog cart, BP gives new meaning to the term street food. Once newly pried, Parson’s tucks the gleaming gems in a custom wooden tray. Choose from six finishing sauces, from traditional cocktail to tangy green curry mignonette sauce. Nothing pedestrian here.

Tempo Dulu

The Portland Phoenix has published an article about Tempo Dulu.

Take a walk or a drive over to 163 Danforth St. Look inside and see for yourself. Better yet, have a drink at the bar or enjoy the height of comfort in the lounge. Take in the smells coming from Chef Lawrence’s kitchen and allow yourself to be tempted to dine; you’ll be glad you stayed. Portland is a city that can handle high-end dining. Our residents have a sophisticated palate and our tourists come here to eat. No doubt, Tempo Dulu will be on all the top 10 lists before too long.


The Portland Phoenix has published an article about Emilitsa.

As we tasted each beautifully plated dish, John, Nemo and Niko talked about what inspired each preparation. What resonated for me were references to growing up in a Greek home transplanted in the United States. Although it was important to assimilate, keeping the tradition of Greek food and culture alive had its place. It is this tradition that is the essence of Emilitsa’s success. You are at once transported to a time and place when family gathered around the table and celebrated the bounty of the land.

20 Delicious Years of Standard Baking

The Press Herald has published an article about Standard Baking. The bakery is celebrating their 20th anniversary.

On April 25, 1995, when the bakery was in its original location on Wharf Street in the Old Port, it had no sign outside and no cash register inside. There were no business hours and no locks on the door. Alison Pray and Matt James, the owners and partners in work and life, didn’t even know on that first day that they would end up with a retail business.

Standard is holding a 20th anniversary celebration this Saturday, 11 – 2.

WSJ: Tandem Coffee

An article from the Wall Street Journal highlights Tandem Coffee as one of Coffee’s Next Generation of Roasters.

Populated by veterans of those first pioneering brands, this new guard isn’t reinventing coffee so much as continuing a transformation already underway. Small, creative and hyperlocal, they’re sourcing even more adventurously and sustainably, importing the best beans from the farthest corners of the earth. And they’re opening in ever-smaller cities, turning America’s long-brewing revolution into a full-blown indie coffee diaspora.

MK Kitchen

Urban Eye has posted a report on MK Kitchen in Gorham.

Finally a key corner space in this sleepy downtown became available and Kaldrovich and his wife Lisa, a Gorham native, pounced. “I have wanted to do this my whole life,” said Kaldrovich, an Argentinean with a pan-European background who grew up grilling meats and learning handmade gnocchi from his Italian grandmother. He made good on that dream last weekend when MK Kitchen opened on School and South streets.

Opus Ten

Urban Eye has posted a report on a recent visit to Opus Ten.

With its brick walls, diaphanous curtains and bistro-style seating, Opus Ten is a food lab for chef Bo Bryne. The bearded Bryne works quietly in a small, open kitchen all night, toiling like a scientist mixing new formulas for your gastro pleasure. Dish by dish, a parade of butter-poached lobster on a risotto cake with citrus truffle micro greens, arrive as if parachuting down from heaven.

Portland Bar Lore

Chris Busby’s article in the April issue of The Bollard shares some interesting stories from Portland’s past.

Since it was late in the war, with the outcome in Europe already decided, our government had no use for the services of the sub’s crew. They were given the option of being returned to Italy or remaining in this country…one of them was a man with the surname Ricci.

With the money allotted to him, Mr. Ricci opened an eatery on Portland Street and named it Ricci’s Tavern. Ownership passed from one individual to another over the years, and the name was eventually Americanized to Rickey’s Tavern — the addition of “Rockin’” being the latest twist.