Pho Co. & Chau Du

The Press Herald has published a feature article on Pho Co. and its owner Chau Du.

By 9:15 a.m., the broths are all simmering, chicken, beef and vegetarian just barely at a bubble. Chau Du is preparing for what she expects will be an average lunch at Pho Co. in Portland, a prediction based mostly on the weather. It’s not raining, it’s not particularly cold and so she is making merely enormous, rather than gigantic, vats of broth in a trio of approximately 30-quart stockpots. They already smell good, with notes of cinnamon and star anise rising up. In the beef broth, a couple big chunks of ginger root bob at the surface, floating alongside five long bones.

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  1. “Working downtown himself, and often rushing through lunch, he had in mind the concept of a pho stand that served more portable portions, sized for 30 minutes at a desk instead of a full lunch hour.”

    Why more downtown places don’t understand this is mystifying.

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