Portland Coffee Roaster Shuts Down

Don & Beth Morrison, owners of Portland Coffee Roasters, sent out an email today to announce that as of today “As of Thursday, June18th, Portland Coffee will no longer be open”. They thanked “all our loyal customers, outstanding employees, wonderful musicians and devoted friends”. They indicated that Maine Bean Bakehouse and Deli will be taking over the space. According to Portland Fodder, Maine Bean hopes to open in a couple weeks.

Freaky Beans Closes 2 Locations (updated)

According to the Westbrook Diarist, two of Freaky Bean’s locations have closed. Both the store in the Cabela’s mall, and the store on Main Street in Westbrook (which houses their roasting operation) were closed “due to ‘unforeseen circumstances'”. This comes just a few months after Maine Roasters Coffee demerged from Freaky Bean and resumed operation as a separate business.
The Bollard has also published a report on the closings at Freaky Bean and confirms that the location in South Portland and Scarborough are still open.