Under Construction: Zapoteca & Old Port Siano’s

Mainebiz reports that Siano’s Old Port location has closed and is making way for Zapoteca, a new Mexican restaurant that, according to the article, “will be competing with upper-level Portland restaurants such as Havana South, Fore Street and Street and Co.”

Shannon Bard trained at the Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio, Texas, which specializes in Latin American cooking, and will be the restaurant’s head chef. Possible entrees include Red Snapper Veracruz with a tomato, green olive, cilantro and lemon sauce; carne asada with an anchovy-chili sauce; and stuffed, baked jalapenos. The restaurant’s salsa and mole sauce will be homemade, and the bar will serve 70 to 80 tequilas and fresh-squeezed juices, Tom [Bard] says.

7 comments on “Under Construction: Zapoteca & Old Port Siano’s

  1. I’m with Josh on the desire for a tasty Chinese resto in Portland, but I’d like to see the price point and quality of ingredients more in line with El Rayo’s. Is high end dead? By no means, but casual+quality appeals to a broader customer base and that’s what keeps us humming along at the taqueria.

  2. Talked to the owners and high quality casual is actually a better description. It will offer quality, authentic flavors and fresh local ingredients. I personally can’t wait!

  3. I hope it’s nothing like Havana South….which is one of the worst restaurants in Portland. Portland does need a good Mexican restaurant. We may have quite a few of them, but none of them are anything close to authentic. How about a Mexican restaurant more on par with El Camino in Brunswick?

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