Gogi Closed

According to a report in the Portland Daily Sun, Gogi has gone out of business but one-time co-owner Ian Farnsworth hopes to reopen later this year.

Farnsworth said he sold his interest in Gogi Restaurant to his business partner Hwamin Yi, and that she closed the restaurant, despite his desire to see it continue.

“The dream of this type of restaurant is still alive and I am hopeful I can re-open in a different location by the end of 2012,” Farnsworth wrote on Facebook. (Efforts to contact Yi for comment were unsuccessful.)

Stonyfield/O’Naturals Closed

According to a report in The Forecaster the last of the Stonyfield Cafes (Formerly O’Naturals) closed today.

“We fought through (the downturn) with the optimism it would come back,” McCabe said, noting dinner business never picked up. “It’s too big a space for the  kinds of revenues we were putting through there.”

The shutdown leaves 14 people out of work. McCabe said their average tenure was 6 1/2 years; two people were employed for 11 years.


Udder Place Closing

According to a report in the Forecaster, Udder Place is going out of business.

“It’s a bittersweet thing,” owner Sam Lambert said.

Several years ago, after his wife gave birth to triplets, Lambert said he decided it was time to change careers. He got his real estate license and has been working for RE/MAX in Topsham. He and his family live in Bath.

“We have four children under the age of 4,” he said. “With the economic downturn, it just made sense to move on.”

According to the article, “A few of the regulars and some Udder Place employees are hoping another coffee shop will open in the area, and are doing what they can to try to make that happen.”

Bathras Market Closing

Bathras Market in Williard Square has announced that they will be going out of business. January 20 will be their last day in operation.

We have had a wonderful year filled with support and encouragement from all of you, but it seems that the competition from larger supermarkets combined with the seasonal nature of our location, as well as our own family circumstances, are preventing us from doing the business we need to do in order to survive as a year-round grocery market and deli.

We have tried our best to have a unique mix of quality products with fair pricing, but it has become clear that we do not have the buying power to compete with prices at larger stores, which greatly impacts our ability to generate sales during these difficult economic times.

Havana South Closed

Indications have been piling up all week but this afternoon the Press Herald received confirmation that Havana South has gone out of business.

Michael Boland, who opened the restaurant with his wife, Deirdre Swords, in 2010, confirmed the closure today in an email to the Portland Press Herald that was also signed by chef Cassady Pappas. The restaurant’s last day of business was New Year’s Eve.

“We worked long and hard, but in the end it just wasn’t possible to continue financially,” the email read.

Under Construction: Zapoteca & Old Port Siano’s

Mainebiz reports that Siano’s Old Port location has closed and is making way for Zapoteca, a new Mexican restaurant that, according to the article, “will be competing with upper-level Portland restaurants such as Havana South, Fore Street and Street and Co.”

Shannon Bard trained at the Culinary Institute of America in San Antonio, Texas, which specializes in Latin American cooking, and will be the restaurant’s head chef. Possible entrees include Red Snapper Veracruz with a tomato, green olive, cilantro and lemon sauce; carne asada with an anchovy-chili sauce; and stuffed, baked jalapenos. The restaurant’s salsa and mole sauce will be homemade, and the bar will serve 70 to 80 tequilas and fresh-squeezed juices, Tom [Bard] says.