Granny’s Closing

Granny’s Burritos plans to close their shop in the Public Market House, according to a report from the Press Herald.

Granny’s Burritos, a fixture in Portland since 1995, will close either at the end of the day Sunday or Monday, depending on how long the food lasts…

The Public Market House was Granny’s fifth location. Owner Chris Godin started on Market Street in the lobby of Granny Killam’s, moved to 10 Exchange Street, then to 420 Fore Street, was closed for a while then for a short time operated at 653 Congress Street, closed again and most recently landed at the PMH in Monument Square.

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  1. If I remember correctly, the 653 Congress location also included a merger with Uncle Billy’s Barbeque, the last place that the latter existed in before closing for good.

    BTW Granny Killiam’s actually started life as Granny Killiam’s Industrial Drinkhouse.

  2. Granny’s also had a Sunday River location inside of the Barking Dawg Market. I am curious if that location will remain open?

  3. My earliest memory is actually when it was Tito’s Burrito’s in the front of Granny’s. “Tito” (no idea if that was his real name) was meticulous, laying out all the fillings in neat lines before rolling the burrito. I’m not sure if that added to the quality of the product, but it definitely led to lines out the door because it took so long to make each one. When he sold the business and the new owners renamed it as Granny’s, the precise arrangement of the fillings was the first thing to go but I don’t believe anyone missed it.

    I didn’t even realize they had opened up in the Market House; good luck to the owners in the future!

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