Salty Sally’s Closing

Salty Sally’s owner Dave Mallari has announced plans to close the restaurant.

It’s with heavy hearts that Denae and I need to announce that Salty Sally’s will be closing. Due to recent health issues it is recommended that I reduce the amount of stress in my life, take care of myself and downsize. The Pig Kahuna and The Sinful Kitchen are both well established so they will remain open. Unfortunately, as the newest business, we have to cut Salty Sally’s. Our last day will be this Monday 5/15/17.

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  1. What an unlucky space for the series of restaurants that have failed there. But I’ve been meaning to go out of curiosity; won’t do so now.

  2. I don’t think they’ve made an announcement on their status. That said, they did not reopen as scheduled last month.

  3. There was almost no way this spot was going to work.
    Was surprised he tried this with sinful being so successful. Best
    Use for that building is to build a new one there.

  4. I think, if it must be a restaurant it should try to appeal more to sporting-events crowds (lots of Sea Dogs parking around there) rather than finer dining which has failed several times. Either that, or give up on restaurant use entirely and revert to neighborhood convenience / sandwich store as Merdek’s was and which have almost entirely disappeared from the West End except for the bodega up the hill.

  5. Thanks for the above input all.
    Just to clarify Nick. The spot is working well. We’ve had some great success here and the formula/concept is working well. It’s my health that’s not working out so great which is why we need to close. Plus why wouldn’t we try it out despite Sinful’s success? “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T. S. Eliot

    Mark, that’s the crowd we are presently cooking for. Chili dogs, burgers and buffalo wings are certainly not fine dining. The 5 Spot just opened a block away last week and will fit the bill for the sandwich shop/convenience. Plus there’s Amato’s that meets some of those needs.

    PFM/Anestes, thanks for the support over the past year with Sally’s and the continued support with all of our endeavors. You’re our number one resource here in Portland both personally and professionally!

  6. Just to clarify it was no disrespect to you. I just think that’s
    A tough spot except for the early days of dogfish being there.
    If your health improves and you get the new restaurant itch again, you
    Could easily open up another sinful or two, especially one on the peninsula.
    Good luck in whatever you do.

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