Urban Chickens

This week’s Forecaster includes an article on Portlander’s new found ability to raise chickens in the city. Paris Farmers Union on Auburn Ave is a source for buying baby chicks. Portland Adult Ed is offering Chicken 101 classes, however all three sessions are alredy fully booked. The Union is getting a shipment of 800 chicks and the classes are sold out, but the Forecaster reports that only “four residents have taken out applications for permits”.

Meal at Miyake

Portland Food Coma has written up what sounds like quite an amazing 10-course meal at Miyake.

7th [course] Skate and hotate salad with parsley garlic oil, and micros over rice. Presentation was beautiful. You’d think I would have had something that wasn’t amazing at this point. Wrong.

Drinks at Sapporo

The Portland Bar Guide has published a review of Sapporo.

The sake list is a little small for the rice wine connoisseur, but for the average schmo there’s a fair range of sakes including the usual Ozeki – hot or cold – Nigori and Plum Wine. Even having a modest selection and big competition in the Japanese restaurant selection of Portland, this little restaurant and sushi bar is a hot number on Commercial Street.

Lunch at the Blue Spoon

Accidental Vegetables confesses that “left to my own devices, I will rarely leave the west end”. But she did manage to escape it’s gravitational pull long enough to enjoy lunch at the Blue Spoon on Munjoy Hill.

So, if you’re looking for a nice, friendly, reasonably priced lunch spot, give the Blue Spoon a try. There was a nice selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Next time, I’m going to try the burger. I promise, Munjoy Hill, I will forsake thee no more!

Bag Tax Gets Canned

A Maine legislative committee has decided against a 10¢ tax on plastic bags at grocery stores. A working group has been set-up to study the issue.

Plastic bags are under assault from environmentalists as an example of waste, and many Mainers are already switching to reusable bags. Opponents argued that the fee would create administrative problems, inconvenience customers and simply increase sales of plastic trash bags.