Eventide x Bunker = Dirty Pearl

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald features an article about Dirty Pearl, an oyster stout that the result of a collaboration between Eventide and Bunker Brewing.

Smith and Sorensen added 35 large oysters and about three quarts of oyster liquor (saved and filtered from the oysters they use at the restaurant) to a 60-gallon kettle.

The oysters are tossed into the wort at the end of the boil, just before adding the yeast. The oysters stay in the kettle for about 20 minutes, and the heat opens up the shells and releases more oyster liquor.

The Dirty Pearl release party is scheduled to take place Tuesday 5 pm at Eventide.

Bon Appetit: Lobster Rolls

The Lobster Shack, J’s Oyster Bar and Dimillo’s all get passing mention in an article about lobster rolls that appeared in the current issue of Bon Appetit.

Truth be told, all lobster rolls in Maine start out at a baseline of being very good and proceed upwards from there. For me the lobster roll is more than just culinary transcendence or proof that simple food made simply is the most soul-satisfying of all. It is summer itself…

The article is not yet available online.

America’s Best French Fries

Duckfat made it on to the US News Travel list of America’s Best French Fries.

The outcome of Duckfat’s double-dip preparation process is crispy exteriors and soft, fluffy innards, with duck fat creating an intense taste. You can sample these fries layered in one of eight signature sauces like truffle ketchup and Thai chili mayo. Or, you can turn this savory side into a full meal by ordering the poutine: delicious fries covered in cheese curd, house-made duck gravy, chives and a duck egg. 

Summer Stress

Natalie Ladd’s column in today’s Portland Daily Sun talks about the stresses of working at a restaurant during the summer tourists season and includes a top ten list of things that servers wished they could say but never do.

1) “How many pints of Mountain Dew refills are you going to let your 12-year old drink?” Not only am I super busy, but the kid is climbing the walls and you waving me down like I’m a taxi cab is really obnoxious.

Otto in SoPo

The Forecaster has published a roundup of recently opened and upcoming restaurants in South Portland including Otto Pizza.

“I know we are not supposed to have favorites, but I have fallen in love with Otto Pizza,” [Councilor Linda] Cohen said as she moved for passage of the license to allow owners Mike Kean and Anthony Allen to open their third Otto Pizza in Maine.

Reviews of Outliers

The Blueberry Files has published a review of Outliers,

But I see this place as more of a ‘date night out’ kind of restaurant. The entrees we saw being carried through the dining room looked beautiful and made our mouths water. Whether you end up coming in for a full dinner or just stop by for nibbles and a local beer, check out Outliers and welcome them to the neighborhood.

Chopped Challenge & Lamb Pro Am

Chef Peter Sultenfuss from Grace won the Chopped Challenge cooking competition Sunday. Both Maine a la Carte and Maine Eater have articles with photos and details on the event. The  event raised money for the Good Shepherd Food Bank.

East Ender/From Away took home 2nd place in the Lamb Pro Am competition in Boston. The competition paired restaurants with recipes developed by food bloggers to showcase lamb for the American Lamb Board.

Possible Restaurant Inspection Legislation

Today’s Press Herald reports that the Legislature is considering changes to Maine’s restaurant inspection program.

State legislators said Monday they will consider increasing the frequency of restaurant inspections and hiring more inspectors a day after the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram reported that Maine has one of the least rigorous restaurant inspection programs in the nation, both in terms of frequency and making information available to the public.