Under Construction: Empire & Chris Gould’s Restaurant

Two Portland restaurants under construction were on the agenda for last night’s meeting of the Historic Preservation Board:

Additionally, the May issue of Dispatch contains an article entitled “The Great Restaurant Boom” which includes a brief profile of Portland Hunt and Alpine Club among others. The article isn’t yet available online.

Reviews of Gather and El Rayo Cantina

Down East has published a review of Gather,

Even that dish, however, couldn’t compare with a side of roasted Brussels sprouts with Worcestershire butter and fried onions. Ordered impetuously, it seemed like overkill alongside a crisp-crusted pizza with shaved Brussels sprouts and parsley pesto. But where the pizza was subtle and delicate, the side was dark, complex, and utterly addictive.

and Maine has published a review of El Rayo Cantina.

For me, the tlayuda—a Mexican version of a flatbread pizza—is the show stopper. Cut into fours, it can be an appetizer or a meal of its own. A spicy black bean paste is spread on a large corn tortilla, then layered with crunchy shredded cabbage, fresh pico de gallo, Oaxacan string cheese, and a creamy avocado sauce. Finally, the tortilla is finished with chorizo, beef, chicken, or mushrooms.

122 Coffee IPA

The Bee Babe has published a review of Bunker’s 122 Coffee IPA,

It arrived fresh from the tap with a slightly muddy light amber color. The aroma, however, was immediately unmistakable. Clear coffee notes arrived first, followed by something else entirely. Not strong hops, but a beery characteristic that offered up some additional spice notes.

and today’s What Ales You column in the Press Herald comments on the coffee beer as well as some additions to the Rising Tide line-up.

The 122 Coffee IPA is good and flavorful, but I have not completely gotten comfortable with the coffee and beer mix. It makes me think I should be having it for breakfast, and there are very few days each year when I want beer with breakfast.

Review of Hugo’s and More

Never Ending Hunger has published a belated review of Hugo’s.

I strongly recommend to anyone  to take a trip up/or down to Portland, Maine to partake in the unmistakably brilliant food that is Hugo’s. The other wonderful thing about this place is that if you ate this food in New York  City, it would be 20-30% more expensive. To me that translates into 2-3 more dishes I can order… so to me it’s well worth the drive.

Additionally, both Serious Eats and Easy Food & Wine have paid recent visits to Portland.