Reviews of Gather and El Rayo Cantina

Down East has published a review of Gather,

Even that dish, however, couldn’t compare with a side of roasted Brussels sprouts with Worcestershire butter and fried onions. Ordered impetuously, it seemed like overkill alongside a crisp-crusted pizza with shaved Brussels sprouts and parsley pesto. But where the pizza was subtle and delicate, the side was dark, complex, and utterly addictive.

and Maine has published a review of El Rayo Cantina.

For me, the tlayuda—a Mexican version of a flatbread pizza—is the show stopper. Cut into fours, it can be an appetizer or a meal of its own. A spicy black bean paste is spread on a large corn tortilla, then layered with crunchy shredded cabbage, fresh pico de gallo, Oaxacan string cheese, and a creamy avocado sauce. Finally, the tortilla is finished with chorizo, beef, chicken, or mushrooms.

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