Review of Buck’s Naked BBQ

The Maine Sunday Telegram has published a review of Buck’s Naked BBQ.

If you crave meat, Buck’s Naked BBQ Steakhouse offers it in all forms. With a clear understanding of Portland’s foodie sensibilities, Buck’s expands the barbecue experience to include international influences, and the menu offers a few interesting options for the vegetarian and fish-loving crowd. The atmosphere is fun, kid-friendly (in a non-obnoxious way), and the staff is hilarious.

Broadturn Barns

The Broadturn Farm Blog has a new post about the renovation and repurposing of their barn and other outbuildings.

The buildings at Broadturn Farm have been a consistent focus over the years. The farmstead space is graced with a collection of connected buildings and stand alone outbuildings. It has a quintessential New England working farm aesthetic. Each building has been one thing, an then another. Renovated and re-renovated, torn down and re-built, these structures have evolved as the various enterprises of the farm saw periods of success and growth. Dating back to the early 1800s, the buildings tell us a story of who came before us and the legacy of hard work that is required to make a living off the land.

Reviews of Hot Suppa and Eve’s at the Garden

Map & Menu has published a review of Hot Suppa,

The ‘About Us‘ page on the Hot Suppa! website reads like every foodie’s fantasy – a culinary adventure across America, hitting all of the best local spots, and eating all of the favorite regional cuisines. Meredith and I can totally get behind an idea like that, and after just a few bites of any of the options on the Hot Suppa! menu, I bet you would too.

and The Golden Dish has published a review of Eve’s at the Garden.

The next assemblage was my entree of duck breast stroganoff.  This wasn’t bad.  It had the classic mushroom duxelles enriched with a rich veal stock and cream sauce served over pasta.  This was well done.  But the  duck was so tough I thought of asking our waiter for a machete.

Portland Whiskey

The Portland Phoenix has published a feature article about Portland’s budding distilling industry that highlights many of the behind the scenes collaborations between distillers and brewers in Portland.

What’s a beer-loving city to do in whiskey trending times? Distill. And collaborate. With the current popularity of supporting local business and drinking whiskey in general, it is prime time for small-scale distilleries to follow the lead of the microbrew culture and create artisanal spirits. The beginning of this micro-distillery movement in Portland is evident with the work of New England Distilling and Maine Craft Distilling. As these local distillers work to perfect and define their craft, they are finding little or no competition from their distilling and brewing peers, but rather, endless opportunities for collaboration.

This week’s Phoenix also includes a whiskey cocktail crawl by restaurant critic Brian Duff.
Perhaps because its assertiveness stands up to mixing, Bulleit bourbon and rye whiskey show up in many Portland bars’ specialty drinks. In the Wally Hardbanger at Sonny’s, its spice shines through the anise of Galliano and the sour of lemon. In a hot toddy at Figa (now hosting special events like last weekend’s art bar), the Bulleit mellowed as it blended with honey and the expert mix of clove and cinnamon created by Figa’s neighbor, Home Grown Tea. It’s a great winter drink.

Reviews of Local Sprouts & The Frosty Pint

What’s the Soup has published a review of Local Sprouts,

I sampled two soups on my visit. The first soup was a lemon grass, garlic, and chicken soup; it was reminiscent of pho. The stock was homemade, simmered using free range organic chicken from A Wee Bit Farm. It was a vibrant, colorful soup with tinges of purple, orange, and green. Big pieces of chicken floated amongst rice noodles, pea shoots, cabbage, shitake mushrooms, and carrots. Cilantro lended a more complex layer to the soup. The flavor was light and clean. I really enjoyed the soup and felt like I was eating healthy as well.

and the Press Herald has published a bar review of The Frosty Pint.

One of the best things about The Frosty Pint is the ample parking. I spend too much time circling the streets of the Old Port for an on-street spot, and it’s nice to just pull into a lot, park and walk through a bar’s doors.

West End Deli Profile

The Portland Daily Sun has published a profile of the West End Deli and owner Nancy Arnold.

Nancy Arnold, owner of The West End Deli, is not afraid to speak her mind about how tightly she runs her business, whom she choses to do business with, and how she feels about the customers who frequent the little deli, grocery, and beer and wine establishment she’s owned and operated for eight years.

Review of Crooked Mile Cafe


Map & Menu has published a review of The Crooked Mile Cafe.

In cliche food blogger parlance, it was love at first bite. Serving up a variety of sandwiches, wraps, soups, and salads from their blackboard wall menus, and always with one or two tasty daily specials, The Crooked Mile is typically easy enough to pick out, just by the line of people out its front door.

Photograph courtesy of Map & Menu.

Food Photography & Eating for Two

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald interviews several local chefs to get their perspective on photography in the dining room,

“We get a lot of people who photograph the food,” says Krista Desjarlais, the chef-owner of Bresca in Portland. “I guess I have mixed emotions about it sometimes, but ultimately I’m glad that they’re happy and want to do it. At night it gets trickier, and we grimace if someone uses a flash, being such a small room. I think people are understanding how intrusive it is, especially at night, to use a flash.”

and the Natural Foodie article for a few months before Avery Yale Kamila heads out on maternity leave.

As a vegetarian for more than 20 years, I’ve had numerous people ask me if I’ve had cravings for steak or ice cream or nacho cheese. The answer is no, no and no.

Instead, my only cravings center around savory home-cooked meals that I sometimes can’t seem to get enough of. (Yes, I did go back for a fifth helping of black beans and brown basmati rice during a recent dinner.)