Review of David’s 388

David’s 388 has received 4½ stars from the review in today’s Maine Sunday Telegram.

David’s 388 is a South Portland neighborhood treat for high-end casual food lovers.  Intimate and cozy, the kitchen creates meals that feel fancy, not fussy, and with $7 appetizers and $15 main dishes, dining here is an accessible treat. An excellent date locale, David’s 388 is worth the trip over the bridge.

Review of Rosemont

Put That in My Face has published a review of Rosemont on Brighton.

Rustic places have always warmed my heart with soulful pieces of culinary delight. Rosemont Bakery on Brighton Ave. in Portland warmed me from head to toe for like an hour today. Just to walk into this place is like sheer heaven. It smells divine. To the right, immediately upon arrival is an array of fresh local vegetables that you wouldn’t even imagine could be possible. Beautiful crimini & trumpet mushrooms, artichoke heads which are nice and tight, thick asparagus spears, bountiful herbs. I could go on and on.

48 Hours in Portland & a Review of Bar Lola

The new issue of Maine magazine showed up in my mailbox this week. Tucked in along the articles on Wellness (the theme of the April issue) is Portland in 48 Hours which tracks the wanderings of 4 members of the magazine staff over the same weekend in Portland. The article highlights a plethora of local restaurants and watering holes: Pai Men, Caiola’s, Novare Res, etc. In keeping with the April theme there’s also an article on “restorative foods” and where to source them.

Also this week, Maine magazine’s Eat Maine blog has published a review of Bar Lola.

Confit of rabbit leg falls right off the bone at the slightest touch of the fork and rests neatly by a small pool of silky potato and leek purée, flecked with chopped tarragon. I make proper use of the last of my bread by sopping up any trace of the purée that has been mingling with the juices of the succulent rabbit.

Reviews of Susan’s and Geno’s

The Press Herald has published reviews of Susan’s Fish and Chips,

Upon diving into my meal, three words came to mind: Hot, fresh and delicious. During a whirlwind feeding frenzy, I still managed to savor every bite. Speaking of rolls, you bet Susan’s has a “Lobstah” roll for $11.99 and a fried veggie boat for $7.99 so that your vegetarian comrades can join in the merriment.

and of Geno’s Rock Club.

The bartender said Geno’s doesn’t really have a specialty drink that it’s known for, but a popular beverage among its customers is Pabst Blue Ribbon — lovingly known by its acronym, PBR.

Today’s paper also includes the latest What Ales You column.


Review of SeaGrass Bistro

The Portland Phoenix has published a review of the SeaGrass Bistro.

The menu at Seagrass, which changes frequently, did not need any tweaking. The four starters, two salads, and five entrées offered a thoughtful variety of ingredients in wintery flavors — even the salads offered something toasty. One starter featured three perfectly seared scallops — the smokey-char flavor made them seem grilled. They sat in a red pepper reduction that had a marmalade look, and slightly citrus taste.

Maple Syrup & Vegan Cooking

The Food & Dining section in today’s Press Herald includes articles on the potential health benefits (and good taste) of maple syrup,

And now there’s even more reason to stick with the real thing and attend Maine Maple Sunday events at participating sugarhouses this weekend: Recent research has uncovered a hidden benefit to eating maple syrup — it’s swimming with antioxidants that may help keep you healthy.

and an interview with vegan chef Christy Morgan.

A book signing and recipe demonstration will take place at Whole Foods Market on Thursday. On Friday night, she will offer a full-blown cooking class at the Five Seasons Cooking School, where she’ll take attendees on a culinary world tour and show how to prepare Indian-spiced sweet potato cakes with mint coconut chutney, Moroccan vegetable tagine, tofu larb (a spicy Thai appetizer) and fruit-kissed ceviche.