4½ Star Review for The Back Bay Grill

Back Bay Grill received 4½ stars from the review in today’s Maine Sunday Telegram.

Its quality comes from a keen dedication. Chef/owner Larry Matthews Jr., who became executive chef in 1997 and bought the restaurant in 2002, was fully engaged on the night we visited, keeping one eye on the open kitchen and examining each plate as it left for the table and the other eye on front-of-house flow. Creating a complete and exceptional dining experience is his art, and his standards appear to be sky-high.

Lucky us, for that translates into an atmosphere of unpretentious elegance, a menu that changes frequently and mixes traditional fare with some adventure, and food that sings.

Review of Ruski’s

The Blueberry Files has published a review of Ruski’s.

I honestly can’t say I’d recommend Ruski’s for the food, but I enjoy drinking there. If you stay long enough, order something that comes out of the fryer; they’ll even make you gangster poutine, by adding brown gravy and cheese to your fries. 
But really, the people watching is my favorite part.

Signature Event, Museum Cafe, 15 Exchange & Geary’s

Today’s Press Herald includes a report out on last night’s cocktail and dessert competition,

Asked what he was looking for in a winner, [John] Myers said, “It’s that X factor.”

“I want something that’s going to stand out, something that I don’t know exactly what they made it of, something that I wish I had come up with, you know,” Myers said. “And something that I want two or three of.”

a 4 star review of the Museum Cafe,

My sandwich tasted entirely original. Served cold on dark bread with fresh greens, it included moist flanks of freshly prepared chicken with a creamy, zesty sauce. It came with a few chips on the side, and was entirely satisfying.

a bar review of the 15 Exchange Grille,

Under a sign that reads, “think different,” the full bar is displayed with some choice liquor bottles placed on cubed shelves. That’s where I spotted a bottle of Crown Royal and opted for a Crown and ginger that cost $8. After a few sips, I determined that was pricey, considering there was more ginger ale in the glass than whisky.

and this week’s What Ales You column.

Portland Community Food Forum

The Portland Phoenix has published a report on a local food forum being organized by Local Sprouts.

Attendees, whether they are farmers, business owners, lawyers, accountants, schools, emergency-food service organizations, or people with technical, marketing, or writing skills, can meet and discuss ways to share resources and collaborate.

The gatherings led to a desire for a larger food discussion, presently called the Portland Community Food Forum: Creating a Healthy and Resilient Food System. It’s tentatively scheduled to be held on Thursday, April 19, at the Woodfords Congregational Church in Portland, Fertig says.