Signature Event, Museum Cafe, 15 Exchange & Geary’s

Today’s Press Herald includes a report out on last night’s cocktail and dessert competition,

Asked what he was looking for in a winner, [John] Myers said, “It’s that X factor.”

“I want something that’s going to stand out, something that I don’t know exactly what they made it of, something that I wish I had come up with, you know,” Myers said. “And something that I want two or three of.”

a 4 star review of the Museum Cafe,

My sandwich tasted entirely original. Served cold on dark bread with fresh greens, it included moist flanks of freshly prepared chicken with a creamy, zesty sauce. It came with a few chips on the side, and was entirely satisfying.

a bar review of the 15 Exchange Grille,

Under a sign that reads, “think different,” the full bar is displayed with some choice liquor bottles placed on cubed shelves. That’s where I spotted a bottle of Crown Royal and opted for a Crown and ginger that cost $8. After a few sips, I determined that was pricey, considering there was more ginger ale in the glass than whisky.

and this week’s What Ales You column.

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