One comment on “Crema is Now Open

  1. Popped into CREMA on my way to work one morning (8:45AM) about a month ago. The first thing that struck me was how large, empty and cold the space is. It has been nicely renovated but would be better used for a full restaurant or hip industrial-style bar. The one patron sitting reading a newspaper looked up at me. Awkward! I was not greeted at the counter by staff. They had very little baked goods to choose from to go with my coffee. It was a little confusing how to order my beverage, and the guy who eventually siphoned my House coffee seemed a bit confused by the whole process. Perhaps they have perked up since they opened, but with so many other coffee places to choose from (Mornings in Paris being my favorite, closely followed by Standard Baking Co, Coffee By Design & Bard), they had better get their act together and offer something exceptional to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise, I predict they won’t make it a year.

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