Maine Food Insecurity

MPBN aired a piece earlier this week on a report from the Muskie School about food insecurity in Maine.

One of the findings from the research that stands out is about food insecurity, which refers to households that don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. The report found that Maine is the most food-insecure state in New England, and the ninth most food insecure state in the nation.

Review of Blue Spoon

Eat Here. Go There. has published a review of Blue Spoon.

Overall, this is a great little lunch spot. It’s a little more expensive than your usual sandwich joint, but the quality is far superior, so higher prices are to be expected. So, pop in sometime you are up on Munjoy Hill for a nice sit down lunch. After all, you’re probably getting sick of getting Colucci’s sandwiches all the time anyway.

Review of Cinque Terre

Vin et Grub has published a review of Cinque Terre.

Having been quite disappointed with the entrees, I hoped dessert would be considerably better– as my own philosophy regards dessert as the pinnacle of every meal, I tend to have quite high expectations.  And they were met.  I ordered the banana date cake, and oh my god, it did not disappoint.  The flavor affinity of banana, caramel, and rum always appease my taste buds.  The cake, which had a nice like marscapone vanilla bean frosting, was light and airy.  The flavor of banana, in the cake, and then paralleled with the caramelized bananas on the side, was very present, thus I was a happy camper.  I was glad that Cinque Terre was able to end the meal on a good note

Review of Schulte & Herr

Serious Eats has published a review of Schulte & Herr.

The carbs were equally good. Potato pancakes are light—almost souffleéd inside—with a crisp crust. A basic order ($5) comes with thimbles of sour cream and, thanks to being cooked with the skins, rose-colored housemade applesauce. Better yet, upgrade to the entrée-worthy version ($9) with wide ribbons of silky house-cured gravlax, capers, cornichons, julienned radish, and more of that tasty horseradish cream.

First Review of Sabor Latino

The Maine magazine blog has published a review of Sabor Latino.

… I will definitely return in hopes of sampling the variety of soups (only served on weekends), the chicharron, tongue tacos, and of course, the Cuban element. This is a small, family run establishment that, in its first week of being operational, is a welcome addition to the Latin American food scene here in Portland.

Review of Ruski’s

The Golden Dish has published a review of Ruski’s.

Dinner at this neighborhood bar was quick, easy and inexpensive, and I’ll be sure to try their breakfasts, which get high marks from regulars. But what I’m looking forward to on my next visit is to order my very own burger, especially if it does turn out to be the best in town.

Review of Port Bean

Instant Portland has published a review of Port Bean on Commercial Street.

My first surprise was how large, sunny, and comfortable the space was. With free Wifi, their seating area is designed for either a quick bite or a longer work session. (They even have high chairs!) The high ceilings, white walls, and coastal art makes the space feel a bit like a gallery rather than a coffee shop.

Review of Little Seoul

The Portland Phoenix has published a review of Little Seoul.

The durp-bop, which sounds a bit like a K-pop phenom, lacks the colors of its cousin bi bim bop, with soft egg mingled with multigrain rice, onion, and pieces of chicken. Spotted throughout were interesting little sesame seeds that were dense and chewy. Its many interesting textures benefited from a dollop of thick, hot red chili sauce.