6 comments on “Gelato Fiasco Open

  1. Why did they start their business right next to a really great gelato shop.
    Not very nice. I will only go to the Gorgeous Gelato store. The gelato is also much better.

  2. Very exciting for gelato lovers of all kinds! I’m not biased either way and I’m glad to see two new businesses starting up. I don’t see why this is a zero-sum game here— the more gelato, the better in my book. Seriously people??!! No one can start a business if someone else gets there first? Come on…Especially in Portland.

    I’ve had both and think they are totally different and GREAT products. Can’t wait to run the gelato shop crawl this summer.

  3. Come on now linda, you must work for gelato fiasco, no? How could that not be seen as an aggressive move? Why next door? 25% of portland retail is vacant right now. And if by “totally different” you mean one (tGF) has a bunch of artificial stuff in it, then you’re right.

  4. Portland’s retail vacancy rate in the downtown area runs less five eight percent currently. And spaces in the Old Port rarely stay vacant for more than a few months so finding any spot fir a new business is difficult.

  5. It’s ironic to read comments on the ‘PORTLAND FOOD MAP’ complaining about a business opening up ‘aggressively’ near someone since there are literally 18 places listed for pizza and 11 sushi places— a few of them across the street to each from each other and all of them in the same city. What difference does it make where businesses open across from each other? It apparently works fine for other businesses– people have a favorite place and support it. Customers will decide for themselves in the end who stays and who goes and I don’t see why either one can’t stay if they are both good.

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