Review of Ruski’s

The Golden Dish has published a review of Ruski’s.

Dinner at this neighborhood bar was quick, easy and inexpensive, and I’ll be sure to try their breakfasts, which get high marks from regulars. But what I’m looking forward to on my next visit is to order my very own burger, especially if it does turn out to be the best in town.

7 comments on “Review of Ruski’s

  1. “A fairly serious rough and tumble neighborhood.”
    “Sinister dark-corner territory where epicureans might fear to linger.”

    Ummmmmmm…seriously? I used to live less than a block away, and visited Ruski’s often. I don’t remember Portland’s West End being that terrifically intimidating. Sometimes a Golden Retriever might bark at you too loudly, I suppose.

  2. Malcolm, for a guy with a less-than-impressive writing style and questionable taste buds, you’re pretty quick to criticize.

  3. What does writing quality and taste have anything to do with whether or not Portland’s West End is a rough neighborhood or not? Hold your tongue before you get the urge to flame someone on the internet, “Bobby.”

  4. Its funny to me that this is the feedback on John Golden’s review. John used to get hammered for his “high-brow” perspective on local eateries and clientelle and now he writes that he’s down with Ruski’s (?!!) and he’s getting grief for a little hyperbole? He, John Golden, gave the place a positive review, that’s pretty crazy, no?

  5. c’mon guys, it’s only fair that john golden warn all the rich white people reading his magazine that they might have to walk by some black people in order to get a burger. *snort*

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