Under Construction: East Ender

Karl Deuben and Bill Leavy co-owners of the popular Small Axe food truck are in the final stages of purchasing the East Ender at 47 Middle Street.

Deuben and Leavy will be completing the purchase of the restaurant from Megan Schroeter in January and after some renovation plan to re-open by early March “continuing the commitment to local ingredients and creative, high quality food that our customers have come to expect“. (Hopefully that means the Korean Pork Belly sandwich will make the transition to the East Ender menu.)

The Small Axe food truck is up for sale so they can “give the restaurant our undivided attention“. Prior to running Small Axe, the pair have worked at Miyake, Hugo’s. Bill has also been part of the staff at Back Bay Grill and before moving to Portland Karl worked at Alinea.

Schroeter and then partner Mitch Gerow opened the East Ender nearly 4 years ago. Prior to that it had been the longtime home of Norm’s East End Grill.

See the PFM Under Construction page for a list of other restaurant projects in development.

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  1. Wow – what exciting news! That block of Middle Street is already one of our favorites in town, it’s great to hear that it’s only getting better.

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