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The Golden Dish has reviewed Dutch’s.

Lucy’s time with Tartine might account for the exquisiteness of her breads and pastries.  Layers of butter define their incredible croissants or the brioche dough for the sandwich rolls.  The all-butter fruit Danish would remind you of one from a Parisian patisserie. Speaking of butter, they make their own, taking pasteurized local cream, mixing it with buttermilk to form a culture until it cures several days later into a rich high-fat spread that they use on everything.

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  1. Have sampled three of their sandwiches. The italian cold cut sandwich with giardiniera is stunningly delicious. Their fried chicken sandwich was juicy and surprisingly light considering the layers of brioche, chix cutlet, cheese and bacon. Unfortunately, their Big & Beefy was a mixed up, messed up mash of blandness. They need to rethink this dud.

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