Under Construction: Bissell Brothers Brewing

Mainebiz has published an article about Bissell Brothers Brewing Company, a new brewery under development in Portland.

According to their business plan, the two brothers aim to brew unique, complex, unfiltered ales targeted at the growing market of craft beer in Maine and greater New England. The beers will be packaged in both kegs and silver 16-ounce cans sold in four packs, the latter of which they say is a rapidly growing segment of the craft beer market. They plan to sell, distribute and promote their product in-house, essentially by word-of-mouth and personal connections.

The article also makes passing mention of Banded Horn Brewery.

5 comments on “Under Construction: Bissell Brothers Brewing

  1. If Ian/Banded Horn produces beer in a similar mold to Sixpoint, Maine is in for a treat. I wonder where he is setting up shop?

  2. I heard Ian is setting up shop in Biddeford. And yes. The beer samples he’s offered so far are amazing.

  3. Not sure when production will be ready. I believe he’s going to be in the North Dam Mill complex.

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