Reviews of Blue Rooster & Nosh

The Portland Phoenix has published a review Blue Rooster,

The rest of the menu, though, costs no more than the typical Portland sandwich (around $7) and tastes a good deal better. Many of the details are fantastic, like pickling the yellow tomatoes on the porcetta sandwich, which brings out its fruitiness (and its grapefruit color) even as it adds some sour. A sweet-salty pork belly, with a nice crispy edge, was stuffed with a spicy, juicy sausage. All the richness was cut by some sharpness arugula and the sour tomato. Thoughtful!

and The Golden Dish has published a review of Nosh.

One memorable sandwich that I had at lunch a while ago was something called Maine Shrimp Bah-Mi: fried shrimp on a house-made hoagie with foie gras pate, pickled cucumber, hot sauce and cilantro.  Only a culinary maverick could dream up this combination to stuff into a hoagie, the aftermath being you adjust your belt notch one less.

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  1. FYI that it looks as though Blue Rooster’s Portland Phoenix review is actually pointing to a Little Tap House review instead.

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