Artemisia Cafe Now Serving Dinner (Updated)

Artemisia Cafe on Pleasant Street has started serving dinner, Wednesday through Saturday. The evening service is run by husband and wife team Guy and Heather. You can see photos of the menu below (click to enlarge).

The restaurant wasn’t very busy when I was there, but based on my meal (Muhummara appetizer, Pappardelle with Braised Chicken for a main course followed by Lemon Vanilla Layer Cake) I can’t imagine that will be the case for very long.

Update: According to a PFM reader comment, Heather and Guy are Maine natives who spent time working at restaurants in and around San Francisco including Chez Panisse.




4 comments on “Artemisia Cafe Now Serving Dinner (Updated)

  1. I would like to be able to like this on FB.
    Love this review.

    These 2 kids returned to their native land of Maine several months ago after defecting for a while to California.
    She worked for Chez Panisse for a while, server first and then growing to administrative manager for Chez (owned by Alice Waters) and he cooked for Oliveto’s in Oakland and Moody’s Cafe in Truckee and some Italian restaurant in SF, can’ remember the name. I call them the Dynamic Duo. I so hope the new dinner experience works out for Artemesia, for their sakes and the wonderful owner’s, but mostly for Portland’s sake.

    Never had a meal by Chef Guy that was not interesting, creative, divine and YUM.

    Kudos to you, and thank you, for finding the Dinner offerings and for the fine and encouraging review.

  2. The Missus and I were quite excited to see that they were serving dinner, as they’re right across the street… Our lovely little neighborhood needs a nice dinner spot!

  3. You are welcome. But no! Thank YOU! You are doing a great thing for Maine. And the SF Italian restaurant name I am embarrassed to say I could not remember was Acquerello.

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