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For the sixth round of the Thai-o-rama (Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5) collaborative food writing project, we selected Boda, Portland’s newest Thai restaurant which is located in Longfellow Square. Boda is the creation of Nattasak Wongsaichua and Danai Sriprasert who also own Green Elephant.
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Oily and aromatic with sesame overtones in a savory broth, the [bitter melon] soup provoked my tastebuds like little I’ve tried before or since. It awoke areas of my tongue I didn’t know existed! A remarkable balance of flavors, it played the role of appetizer to a “T” – kicking my hunger into overdrive.

And it killed with a crisp martini.

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So, what can I say? Boda, in my book, is the best Thai place in town. If you go, don’t go there with preconceived notions based on Take Out Thai. Go with an empty belly and an open mind. And try a lot of different things. Order enough for left overs, trust me on this the panaeng is quite yummy cold when you’re intoxicated. But, by all means, just go.

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Anyway we set it aside and ordered some shrimp skewers and grilled Thai sticky rice. The rice patty had a nutty crunchiness on the outside, which contrasted with the gummy softness inside, a great side dish to the shrimp and spicy chili garlic lime dipping sauce.

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all in all, this was a pretty good meal. first off, i have never seen any of these things on a menu at any other thai restaurant, so they get points for showing me something different. second, even though there were a couple of items that i didn’t really care for, the things i did like were really great.
i would go back just for the cocktails, dessert, and people watching.

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