Reviews of Vinland and Hunt & Alpine

Peter Peter Portland Eater has reviewed Vinland,

Do I recommend going to Vinland? Absolutely. It’s much closer than Finland which is what spell check tells me to call it, and it’s certainly more delicious. For what it’s worth, it might have also been the healthiest meal I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Now that’s extreme! While it isn’t inexpensive, I might still put it in “slightly more often than special occasion” status. Next time though, I’m definitely asking about the tasting menu. We saw people partaking in that monstrosity of awesomeness and the dessert looked like a mushroom forest. It was a work of art on a plate. More on that after I try it.

and Drink Up and Get Happy has reviewed the Portland Hunt & Alpine Club.

We really enjoyed our time at the Hunt and Alpine. While the prices are on the higher end for happy hour, the drinks are of excellent quality, often using what are considered top shelf ingredients. They are also very reasonable compared to other cocktail prices in Portland. Great service paired with a comfortable atmosphere, they are very affordable indeed! It’s a great place to visit with friends, take family, or even a date. It’s become a hot spot in Portland so if you do go, and we recommend you do, either get there early or plan to be patient. Trust us, it’s worth it!

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